Exercises to avoid during pregnancy

July 26, 2013 0

As your pregnancy continues and your baby gets bigger, you have to do your best to abstain from any activity that can increase the fall or any other accident risk. Try to avoid exercising at altitude when you are pregnant, because it can cause a significant lack of oxygen for you and your unborn baby. Make sure you read about some of the best prenatal exercises and our pregnancy workout guidelines.

Below are the exercises to avoid during pregnancy at all costs:

  • horse riding: even if you’re very good at it, don’t put yourself at risk of falling
  • gymnastics, snowboarding, surfing, waterskiing: you don’t want to risk your baby’s health, do you?
  • scuba diving: can cause fatal health problems for you and your baby
  • contact sports like football, hockey, basketball: the risk of injury is too high
exercises to avoid during pregnancy

Try to avoid any rides at amusement parks, because they can be too dangerous for your baby. Cycling isn’t the best choice either, especially if you’re not so good at it. If you’re a skilful rider, you can enjoy this activity until your second trimester. After the second trimester cycling can harm your baby due to your affected sense of balance during pregnancy.

What other exercises should I avoid while pregnant?

  • tennis: it’s going to be very hard as your belly gets bigger in the second and third trimester, so avoid the risk of losing your balance
  • running: it’s good in moderation as long as you’re an experienced runner; if you’re a newbie, try to avoid running while pregnant
  • downhill skiing: avoid it because of the risk of serious trauma
what exercises should I avoid while pregnant

Generally, you can continue with the type of activity you did before pregnancy – as long as you modify the intensity of your workout and have your doctor’s go-ahead. Try to avoid jumping, sudden changes of direction and high-impact bouncy exercises. A few more tips to help you stick with your class and make the most of your safe workout during pregnancy: keep your feet on the floor; avoid arm movements; march instead of jumping; abstain from rapid body movements.

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