Can I swim while pregnant?

July 26, 2013 0

Working out in moderation is a very good idea for a healthy mom-to-be. Being in good shape contributes to sailing through pregnancy with ease and power. There are numerous benefits of exercise for pregnant women (both physical and psychological). Exercising while pregnant is especially good if your pregnancy progresses well, and no complications stand in the way of your everyday workout.

Can you swim when pregnant? Yes, of course you can swim during pregnancy. In fact, in the majority of cases swimming when pregnant is considered to be very safe, discomfort-relieving and effective. It takes weight off your whole body (no matter how much extra baby pounds are moving in your belly). Is strengthens your muscles and helps you prevent excessive weight gain during pregnancy.

can I swim while pregnant

Some more benefits of going swimming during pregnancy:

  • swimming enhances your blood circulation
  • it improves your heart and lung efficiency
  • builds stamina and endurance
  • eases pregnancy swelling
  • burns a lot of calories
  • gives you energy and eases your discomforts
  • stabilizes your mood
  • prevents extreme tiredness

Swimming is a low-impact exercise that will help you stay in shape throughout all nine months of your pregnancy. However, just like with other exercises to ease labor, consult your healthcare provider before diving in and making splashes in the pool. If you are suffering from morning sickness during pregnancy, try a dip first thing in the morning. There are chances that swimming will help fend off nausea.

Watch the video below to learn from a graceful expectant mother weightlessly swimming in a pool:

If you were an experienced swimmer before you got pregnant, you should be able to carry on with your pre-pregnancy swimming routine. If you didn’t swim at all, our recommendation is start slowly. Listen to your body and avoid rapid movements while training. Don’t forget about the warm-up before each swimming session. You should come out of the pool feeling you could swim more.

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