Interview with Elin Katz, or best cakes in Los Angeles

July 29, 2013 0

Elin Katz, a talented cake decorator and the owner of the Los Angeles based Rosebud Cakes studio definitely knows how to make a truly original cake that will take your breath away. Ms. Katz has been in the cake decorating business for over 30 years. She has a solid art background and has always been very much inspired by the artist Red Grooms. Hundreds of her customers have already decided for themselves who makes the best wedding cakes and birthday desserts in LA.

You can see how much Elin loves what she does just by looking at the amazing cakes she creates with her team. With not more than ten people working in the studio, Rosebud Cakes offer a lot of personal care and attention to every detail. In our humble opinion, Elin’s studio creates some of the best cakes in Los Angeles, California. Read the interview with Elin below and enjoy viewing the pictures of cakes revealing the magic touch of a true guru.

best cakes in los angeles Elin Katz

Elin Katz works on a Batman-themed cake in her Beverly Hills workshop.

Elin, we know that your experience in the cake designing sphere is really vast. From what we’ve found out you were naturally driven to cake designing – through art and inspiration that came from your favorite artist Red Grooms. Was your professional road always that smooth?

No achievement on life’s road is ever smooth, or done entirely alone, but loving what you do is a way to endure the many potholes. The inspiration that cake decorating gives me every day is something that I am so grateful to be able to enjoy as a job and as a way to make others happy. Cake Art is a field that is expanding globally with new ideas and new products every minute- it’s a reason to get up in the morning!

What were your first cakes like?

I always look to art history for ideas.  There is so much to learn from certain periods- ancient Egyptian, Celtic, Medieval, Renaissance, Pre-Raphaelite, Expressionist- any type of art that defines a certain age is inspiration for a cake design. One of the first designs I did was based on cubism- the New Wave design that allows the decorator freedom to place colored pieces of white chocolate anywhere in a playful abstract pattern to make a composition.

best cakes in Los Angeles

One of Elin’s first cake designs. For the last twenty years, the New Wave design has been a Rosebud trademark design. Nothing captures the spirit of the Rosebud style better.

We know that your favorite things to make are “humorous scenes involving the honoree with multiple personal reference”. What has been your best cake to make?

I just recently made a cake for a girl who wanted her dog on the cake too. She gave me a picture where they were both wearing hats, and as usually happens, she and her dog looked alike!  So I put her standing next to her dog, each wearing the hat and sunglasses- I’m sure that was a good party!

best birthday cakes in Los Angeles

Some of the best birthday cakes in LA are created by the Rosebud Cakes team!

What has been the most challenging cake order?

The most challenging order recently was making 2 life-size busts of Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper from Star Wars. The engineering involved in making them each feed 100 in the shoulder region after the helmet was removed for ease of service, the exact dimension and look of their features in great detail, and the fact that they had to travel a great distance and fit together in a dynamic composition once mounted separately on a table, made this cake a real brain drain.

best cakes in LA

The most challenging cake order… The Force has definitely been with this 5 year old on his birthday!

We know that you love learning something new to later apply it to cakes. What lessons has cake designing taught you that can be applied to other projects and areas of your life?

That’s a great question, and I think working with others is the answer. When I ask someone for information to design their cake, I try to be as clear and concise about what they will get from me as possible. I try to ask as many questions about what they expect it to look like so that I can draw a picture to model the cake after so that we are both on the same plane. I think basic communication is such a vital part of making anything for other people to enjoy, and that can be elusive- it takes practice.

best custom cakes Los Angeles

To make a special birthday cake or unique wedding cake that will touch the honored person (couple) deeply, Elin discusses the design with a customer and sketches out each cake she creates. You can see one of the sketches in the picture above.

If you were to design a cake that symbolizes you, what would the masterpiece look like?

It would have to be multi-media, and have many different edible and non-edible applications, textures, colors, and glitter in a semi-abstract painting/sculpture incorporating lights and sound in an altarpiece to my family and wiener dogs.

best wedding cakes los angeles

Elin’s biggest inspiration is her family.

What is your professional dream?

To be able to create great art that tastes fantastic whilst listening to rockin’ music and helping others have as much fun as I have doing the same. I would love to travel around the world.

What would you say to other aspiring cake designers out there?

Work hard, have fun- it’s all a learning experience.

best cakes in Los Angeles California

Cake with a sax and recent CD by the birthday boy…

Works of art like these do take a lot of hard work to plan and create. It can take up to three days for Ms. Katz and her team to make each dessert. But the cake is definitely worth the candle!

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