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Lyuba Zlatkova, a beautiful woman from Sofia, Bulgaria, has been creating some amazing cakes and pastry for more than five years already. If you look at Luyba’s brilliant works, you’ll never be able to tell that she has no professional training in the field of cake decorating. She is a self-taught cake guru!

Lyuba is not all about modern cakes and pastry. She is happily married to her beloved hubby Plamen. They have four wonderful sons – Denis (14), David (10), Devin (6) and their newborn baby boy Damian. By looking at Lyuba’s blog Bubolinkata, you can say that a lot of her cakes have been inspired by the love of her family.

Bubolinkata cakes

Lyuba, we’ve found out from your Flickr profile that you’re not a professional baker. It’s unbelievable! How did you learn to make cakes and pastry like that? Did you attend cake designing courses?

You are right, I’m not a professional baker. Bakery is just a hobby of mine. I have never attended any bakery or designing courses. Everything I know I’ve learned from the Internet. There’s so much information online nowadays. I’ve studied bakery forums, step-by-step tutorials, how-to videos. I’ve spent two months self-studying before I created my first cake ever – for my 33d Birthday. It looked and tasted surprisingly well and all the guests at the party thought I had ordered it from a professional baker. This made me so happy and self-confident. I’ve decided to practice more. In a couple of years my cakes became so popular and everyone wanted to order a dessert from Bubolinkata.

cakes and pastry by Lyuba Zlatkova Bubolinkata

Lyuba is a real queen of cakes and lil cupcakes…

What inspired you to become interested in cake decorating? Where do you look for inspiration now?

I’ve always been fascinated by beautifully decorated fondant cakes but I never thought I would be capable of making one. While staying at home with my third baby son I found the grey winter days a bit boring. So I decided to try something new. Trying to make a fondant cake seemed to be a pretty refreshing challenge to me. So I gave it a try. On TV I heard about some Bulgarian cake decorators who had won an international bakery competition. They became my first inspiration. I thought to myself “I could become that good one day!” That’s how my cake obsession started.

Now I find inspiration everywhere. I can turn anything into a cake idea – a card, a toy, a pattern, a girl’s dress… Absolutely anything! There are at least ten cake designs on my mind at any time waiting to become real cakes.

Bubolinkata Lyuba Zlatkova cupcakes

Lyuba has four sons, which means she has years of experience in making unbelievably realistic cakes for boys…

What has been your favorite cake to make?

All of my cakes are my favorite. They may not be the most perfect or beautiful cakes ever, but I always put my heart and soul in everything I bake and create. Making a cake is so special, personal and magic. I remember the story of every cake, and there are almost 300 of them already.

What has been the most challenging cake?

I never make one and the same cake design twice. I want each of my cakes to be unique. So I try something different every time. I’m always worried if the design is good enough, and if the client is going to love it at once. I find it very difficult to create animal and human figures, especially if they are cartoon, movie or fairy tale characters. Making realistic looking cakes is also a big challenge. Everything should look as real as possible. But it’s great fun as well.

Bubolinkata realistic cakes interview

Lyuba’s works are among some of the cutest cakes for kids we’ve ever seen…

What lessons has cake designing taught you that can be used in other areas of your life?

Cake decorating is a very delicate and elaborate job. It requires a lot of patience, love and dedication. You always have to do your best trying to make the most wonderful and special cake. Even though sometimes the result is not good enough for you, you mustn’t give up. Thanks to my cake designing passion I communicate with lots of clients, fans and other cake makers. This is a chance to meet so many different people and make new friends. I have my own blog which is very popular. On my blog I share the stories behind my cakes.

If you were to design a cake that symbolizes you, what would it look like?

Simple, delicate and stylish. It would be white or in pale pastel colors with some beautiful flowers.

Bubolinkata Lyuba Zlatkova pastry

Along with the lovely desserts for kids, Lyuba Zlatkova creates elegant wedding cakes.

You have a big family. How do you manage to devote time to your husband and 4 boys and still have such a huge portfolio of amazing cake-and-pastry works?

The truth is I don’t make cakes now. There’s not much free time left with three kids and a newborn baby. I’m totally devoted to my family. The cakes will have to wait a bit.

How do you manage to stay in shape? You look amazing! Our female readers would love to know your secret now that they’ve seen your photos!

Thank you so much for the compliments! I don’t have a secret indeed. I’m a very diligent and vibrant woman who is full of energy and enthusiasm. Looking after a household, four children and a husband could be a very effective way to stay in shape. And making cakes from dawn to dusk is my fitness. As to my diet – I eat whatever and whenever I want. Starving makes people unhappy. If you live in harmony with your body and soul, this makes you feel and look great. I love smiling! My sense of humor helps me solve the problems easier and look at the bright side of life.

Bubolinkata Lyuba Zlatkova gorgeous cake decorator

Lyuba is beautiful in every way…

What is your professional dream?

I dream to be a good mom and wife. And as for the cakes, they make me happy and satisfied. That’s all that matters to me. I thank God for everything I have and I am. I couldn’t ask for more.

Would you want to open your own cake studio with other cake designers working for you? Or do you already have one?

No, I don’t have my own cake designing studio. I work from home. I’m not sure if I want to turn my cake hobby into business. To make people happy with my cakes is much more important to me than making money of it.

Bubolinkata cake maker

Another masterpiece created by Lyuba. Can you believe it’s a cake?

What would you say to other aspiring cake designers out there?

Cake decorating is an art which deserves to be respected and highly valued. The cake should please the eye and the appetite, so it must be both beautiful and tasty. The perfect cake is the one made with quality ingredients, vast imagination and lots of love.

Do you still think that combining happy family life with a skilled occupation is impossible? Think again. Challenges like these are youthening, they make you stronger and keep you in shape. Gorgeous lady Luyba is the living proof that where there’s love, inspiration and determination, you cannot go wrong.

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