Best ways to stay focused

April 14, 2013 0

Want to get something done without your mind being constantly pulled in another direction? Today’s post is a good place to start. We’ll tell you about some of the best ways to stay focused and organized. You’ll learn how to avoid distraction and focus on thoughts that motivate you most. You bring about what you think about, so the right thoughts and inspiration are very important.

It can be especially difficult to maintain focus if you’re working from home. You can become distracted by a constant stream of emails, phone calls and other distractions provided by today’s digital environment. It’s important not to pay attention to all these mass distractions and avoid multitasking. Multitasking reduces your intelligence and makes you fall into the distraction trap.

ways to stay focused

There can be periods in your life when you work hard consistently without even feeling tired. However, there are times when you postpone everything important and easily give in to distractions. If you feel that your procrastination bug begins to bite, it’s time to find ways to stay focused and effectively train your brain to concentrate on a specific goal-reaching task.

Healthy habits to keep you focused

  • start each day earlier than others
  • eat a healthy breakfast: porridge, oats, eggs, fruit or yogurt
  • get around 7 to 9 hours’ sleep every night
  • work out on a regular basis
  • keep yourself hydrated
  • make sure you get a good dose of fresh air every day
  • learn how to develop curiosity and cultivate productivity
  • listen to inspiring music: the Triggerfinger band is good

How to stay focused at work

Staying focused at work is a difficult task. You sometimes get distracted or feel uninspired to complete certain tasks. It’s understandable. However, if you don’t want to give in to procrastination, you should train your brain to stay focused. So how can you get the most out of each day without feeding your trolling distractions?  There are lots of ways to stay focused at work.

how to stay focused at work

Here are the top 16 strategies to help you stay focused while at your working desk:

  • know your main distractions and be militant about avoiding them
  • Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, your fashion blog… Check your profiles and emails not more than 3 times during the day and limit how long you use your accounts
  • create a to-do list for the day
  • let your list include a realistic set of clear tasks
  • start with difficult tasks and when you’re successfully through with them, reward yourself with finishing easy ones
  • set limits and give yourself a deadline
  • do one thing at a time: say no to multitasking
  • take a 10-minute break every 40 minutes of work
  • work out during your breaks: check out these office chair exercises for inspiration
  • have enough water and snacks nearby
  • cut out any background noise: use headphones or ear plugs
  • listen to music that helps you focus
  • tidy your workplace every day before you finish work
  • get a comfortable chair: staying focused isn’t easy when your neck and back are sore
  • avoid long calls: keep them short and sweet
  • love what you do
best ways to stay focused

Find challenge in what you do and feel the fun part of growing as a person and achieving your goals. If nothing helps and you’re still feeling uninspired to plough through your workload, pay closer attention to what distracts you. The knowledge of what exactly triggers your distraction can help you understand where you need to make positive changes in future.

Things to help you stay focused

If you need things to help you stay focused, you can create them in your mind. Your thoughts have a tendency to become your reality. If you think that you’re easily distracted and don’t do anything about it, you won’t be able to achieve any tangible progress. One of the solutions here is thinking of yourself as a mentally strong person who can control their thoughts and environment.

staying focussed at work

More things to help you stay focused:

  • know where you want to be and how long this will take you
  • find a purpose to be your driving force
  • define your goal and work toward it
  • make sure that your motivation to reach your goal is strong enough
  • have courage to think (and dream) big
  • don’t forget to become more productive to get as close to your big dreams as possible
  • always remember that procrastination gives you no chance for success

Avoid envying, because it exhausts your mind and doesn’t stimulate your brain at all. Inspiration and talent will fuel your productivity like nothing else. Make sure that your goal is connected to something you are deeply passionate about, something you are good at. Remember that willpower is like your body. The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets.

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