What to expect after breast augmentation surgery?

September 22, 2013 0

Recovering from breast enlargement surgery is individual for every woman. A lot of women experience post-operative nausea and vomiting due to having had general anesthesia. In some cases women are given anti-nausea medications during surgery (for example, Zofran). You may have to wear an ace bandage or a surgical bra after the operation. Your doctor will explain you the details as to the duration of your recovery and postoperative care.

You should bear in mind that some conditions from the list below are associated with any type of surgery. For example, lack of energy, constipation, bloating, fluid retention, depression and other side effects. That’s why in this sense the list contains the worst things that may or may not happen to you after you get breast implants. You can find more information on breast augmentation risks and complications in one of the previous posts on Womanita.com.

what to expect after breast augmentation surgery

So what to expect after breast augmentation surgery? Below you will find the list of physical conditions and reactions you may experience after the surgical procedure:

  • nausea, vomiting: if you feel nauseous after the surgery, make sure that you let your doctor or nurse know about it. In some cases women are given medication to alleviate postoperative nausea and vomiting. Eat something before taking the medication to prevent upset stomach
  • constipation: usually you should expect constipation as a side effect of the pain medications. If you have constipation after breast augmentation surgery, your doctor may recommend a mild laxative or prune juice
  • loss of appetite, yeast infection: both conditions may be caused by postoperative medications. The former is usually a result of pain medications, while the latter is associated with taking antibiotics after the surgical procedure
  • bruising and swelling of the breasts: these are the common conditions after many serious surgeries
  • muscle spasms, back pain: your doctor may prescribe muscle relaxants to alleviate the spasms. As for back pain, usually it is caused by improper posture and/or change in sleeping position
  • breast pain, tightness and heaviness: you will most likely experience this if your implants have been positioned under the muscle. Over time, when the muscles stretch out over the implants, this uncomfortable experience will fade
  • extra stiffness of breasts, especially in the morning: this is normal and should fade once you get up and do your daily activities
  • itchy and dry skin on the breasts: this is usually caused by the stretching of the skin. You can use a lotion on your breasts to soothe itching, but only when your doctor confirms that your incisions are completely healed

Another thing to expect after breast augmentation is limited mobility. It occurs during the early postoperative period and is especially common in women with under-the-muscle implants (due to the stretching of the muscle). You may have difficulty washing you hair, opening bottles, even driving a car… Your incisions may feel ‘hard’ and ‘bumpy’ after the operation. If they are fully closed, you can massage them to prevent these uncomfortable sensations.

what to expect after breast implants

You will most likely experience sharp pains after the surgery. While they may not be your most comfortable experience, bear in mind that they indicate nerve regeneration. This means that your recovery process goes well. If things proceed smoothly, these pains will subside and go away over time. In case you’re bothered by a certain kind of pain you’re experiencing, let your plastic surgeon know about the problem as soon as you can.

Wondering what to expect after breast implants psychologically? There are a few side effects here as well. First, you may experience the so-called ‘Ugly Breast Syndrome’. In the beginning your breasts may look bruised, swollen, torpedo-like, grotesquely high. For psychologically unprepared women it can be shocking. That’s why, when studying the pros and cons of breast enlargement, you should realize that you won’t have gorgeous breasts right after you roll out of surgery.

Another psychological side effect to expect after getting breast implants is postoperative depression. Usually it is associated with persistent pains, anesthesia and medications. Partially your post-op depression can be caused by not getting instant (brilliant) results. You end up being bruised, swollen and in pain instead of looking like you thought you would. Remember that your breasts will change, it just takes some time and patience.

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