What are the risks of breast implants?

September 24, 2013 0

If you’re seriously considering breast augmentation, we’re sure you’ve already researched upon the pros and cons of getting breast implants. Of course, you’re more interested in the ‘pros’ section of this chapter of your life: you’re going to get absolutely perfect breasts. However, if you’re young and healthy, you might have missed a few important points from the ‘cons’ list.

No doubt your plastic surgeon will promise you great results after breast enhancement surgery. If things go right, you will, indeed, love the result once you see the bruising and swelling fade. However, as with any serious surgery, there may be side effects involved. We encourage you to read more about what to expect after breast augmentation surgery to get prepared for both the good and the bad.

what are the risks of breast implants

So what are the risks of breast implants? Find the list below:

  • capsular contracture: it’s a scar tissue that develops around the implant, distorts its shape and sometimes causes breast pain
  • difficulty detecting a tumor through mammography: because of the implants, mammogram won’t be able to ‘see’ most of your breast tissue
  • implant displacement: breast implants can shift from their initial position as a result of capsular contracture, injury or gravity
  • implant leakage and deflation: the risk is low, but saline implants sometimes leak and deflate
  • implant rupture: new implants (silicone ones) have a low rupture rate
  • rippling (or wrinkling): usually it is seen through the skin
  • infection: occurs in about 1% of all breast enhancement surgeries
  • changes in sensation: it’s possible that after the operation your nipples will become permanently numb
  • extrusion: in some cases the skin breaks down and the implant can be seen through it
  • swelling, bruising and pain: if hematomas are large, they require surgical treatment
  • possible need for further breast surgeries: you may require more surgeries to correct the problem with capsular contracture, implant displacement, deflation, infection and other side effects

Before you expose yourself to the potential risks and complications of breast augmentation, make sure that you remember the following. Breast implants are not going to last a lifetime even if you experience little to no complications. The longer you have implants, the more likely it is that you will need to have them removed, corrected or replaced. Choose the best breast implants to get under your doctor’s supervision.

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