Types of breast augmentation pain

October 24, 2013 0

When going for any kind of surgery, you should be prepared for some level of discomfort and pain. Unfortunately, breast augmentation surgery is not an exception. Pain is going to be one of the side effects of breast implants surgery. It’s easy to guess, because your body is going to be incised, probed, injected as well as other painful procedures, all for the best result that will be achieved afterwards when you see the new you in the mirror.

But before you start dreaming about your new breasts, make sure you learn as much as you can about breast augmentation procedure – what your options are, how it’s held and the risks associated with. One of the unpleasant sides of the procedure you’re planning to undergo is breast augmentation pain. We suggest that you find out more about the types of postoperative pain in order to be aware of its causes and duration.

breast augmentation pain

There are two types of pain after breast augmentation. The first one is normal (the one that is typical for postoperative period and is going to be followed by recovery). The second type of pain is unusual, the one that may lead to (or be caused by) certain breast augmentation risks and complications. Let’s start with the normal, common type of breast augmentation pain. In the majority of cases it’s related to the placement of an implant under the skin and muscles of the chest. In rare cases pain is associated with infection.

Breast implants are going to stretch your skin causing pinching pain that will subside in a few days as the skin stretches. There’s also pain after breast augmentation that is associated with the implant stretching your chest muscles. You will feel it if in your case breast enhancement surgery suggested placing the implants under the muscle. During the first days after the operation your surgeon may prescribe muscle relaxants to alleviate this type of pain. The sooner you are up and active, the sooner your chest muscles will stretch and the pain will subside.

breast pain after breast augmentation

As for the unusual and non-typical pain after breast augmentation surgery, one of the types is the so-called nerve pain. Patients describe nerve pain as ‘shooting’ or ‘burning’. This type of pain appears when the initial stretching after the surgery takes longer time to heal. Usually nerve pain lasts for a couple of weeks. Your surgeon may recommend massage, anti-inflammatory medications or lidocaine patches to alleviate nerve pain.

Certain types of sharp postoperative pain may occur even years after the surgery. Usually the causes are associated with a muscle that has been pulled or a breast capsule that has been torn during some sort of activity. If you experience pain in breast after augmentation, tell your surgeon immediately. He will explain the causes to you and prescribe relief. Your surgeon is very much interested in helping you go through recovery from breast augmentation with as little pain as possible.

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