Is swelling normal after breast augmentation?

September 30, 2013 0

Women who decide to get breast implants are aware of most side effects and risks associated with breast augmentation. One of the side effects is swelling after breast augmentation surgery. It is normal, unless you develop a hematoma (bleeding under the tissues). If swelling is more or less equal on both your breasts, then hematoma is unlikely the case.

Swelling after breast augmentation surgery in the majority of cases becomes quite noticeable. It can become worse during several days after the operation. So if you are more swollen four to eight days after the surgery than you were several hours after the surgery, it is normal. Your breasts may feel firm and shiny, and it’s common for the swelling to show over the top of the breast area.

swelling after breast augmentation

Some surgeons will recommend massage and/or wearing a soft cup bra without an underwire on a regular basis to help alleviate swelling. Of course, if you have any concerns, call your operating surgeon to evaluate the situation. A good plastic surgeon will be happy to see you, because it will give him the possibility to reassure you that recovery is going as successfully as possible.

Swelling after breast implants: when will it go down?

If your implants are placed under the muscle, you will notice swelling higher on the breast. With the swelling you will also feel more tightness in the upper pole area. As we’ve mentioned, you should only be highly concerned about the swelling if there’s a very large amount of it on just one side. If your surgeon says you are experiencing common side effects, give things time.

When will swelling after breast implants subside? So many women ask this question when they have to deal with this side effect of breast augmentation surgery. Of course it’s best to ask this question to your operating surgeon, for his answer will be based on your individual case. Speaking in general terms, swelling begins to go down after two weeks following the surgery.

swelling after breast implants

The final swelling is usually gone after six-eight weeks – if you carefully follow postoperative guidelines that is. However, mild residual swelling may be felt for up to four months following breast enhancement operation. Of course, swelling will add to a woman’s post-op discomfort. It can also cause unwanted psychological side effects. For things to go smoothly, it’s important to have a reassuring conversation with your surgeon as soon as possible.

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