How to improve your overall health?

August 9, 2012 0

Scientists have recently found one of the most interesting answers to this question and it implies the importance of being honest. If misbehaving kids lie, they may grow big noses. If adults lie, they may grow bad karma. But taking into account some scientifically proven facts, we can now say for sure that being honest is one of the ways to improve your physical and psychological health.

According to the recent study, people who are honest with themselves and others are generally less prone to stress and dysphoria (a state of feeling unwell and unhappy) than liars. What is more, people who tell whoppers are more exposed to the typical cold symptoms such as migraines and sore throats. In other words, if you want to know how to improve your overall health, you should practice healthy eating strategies, exercising and telling the truth.

The importance of being honest

Scientists also say that unlike liars, truth tellers succeed in social interactions and develop relationships with others easily. 110 volunteers between the ages of 18 and 70 took part in the research. The research was carried out in the United States and lasted over two months. Half of the participants were told to tell the truth only, while the other half were free to tell as much lies as they wanted.

how to improve your overall health by being honest

During the time the research was carried out volunteers underwent tests with polygraph to detect how honest they were. The tests also aimed at examining the participants’ overall health. The conclusion is now obvious: the importance of being honest when it’s about improving one’s overall health cannot be underestimated. The formula is simple: more truth + better health = improvement in relationships.

The research’s co-authors also noted that some participants intentionally told less lies per day than they typically do, and that in turn helped them improve overall health, boost physical and mental condition, stimulate creativity. The authors of the study say that the average person tells eleven lies per seven days. That’s not too bad indeed! How many lies per week do you usually say?

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