How to enlarge your breasts naturally?

September 22, 2013 0

Is it possible to get bigger breasts without going under the knife? The answer is yes, it sure is. However, improving your body naturally is never easy. Enlarging your breasts without surgery takes knowledge, persistence and hard work. In today’s post we will give you knowledge, and the rest is totally up to you. If you dedicate enough time and effort to achieving your goal, you will get great results.

Some of the ways to enlarge your breasts naturally are well-known, while other methods haven’t been widely discussed due to the hype around plastic surgery. The good news is that natural ways to grow voluptuous bosom are not too costly. They can increase your bust size, improve the firmness and shape of your breasts naturally, without making you experience the cons of breast enlargement surgery.

enlarge your breasts naturally without surgery

Here are a few easy tricks to temporarily enlarge breasts without surgery:

  • wear a push-up bra: there are bras that work wonders, making your cleavage look naturally fuller and rounder
  • make the most of your bronzer: apply lotion to your cleavage, then sparingly apply bronzer a few shades darker than your skin color. When you put on your bra, apply glittery powder over the top

There are the so-called breast enlargement vacuums and pumps. The pump stretches your breast skin which leads to breast tissue expansion. As a result you get permanent enlargement in your breast size. This is a very unconventional and far-fetched way to enlarge your breasts. Approach it with caution or better yet avoid considering it as an option.

If you’re looking for a more permanent result, consider the following natural options of breast enhancement without surgery:

  • breast massage for enlargement: follow the link if you want to read more about the effectiveness of this natural method to get bigger breasts
  • herbs for breast enlargement: women who use special herbs to increase the fullness of their breasts say that this natural method works great
  • working out: pushups, pressing your hands against each other and a lot of other exercises to grow bigger breasts are said to be very effective (if performed regularly)
breast enhancement without surgery

Studies indicate that drinking a cocktail made with papaya juice and milk on a regular basis is going to enlarge your breast size naturally. It’s healthy and tastes really good. Foods that are rich in vitamins A, C, E contribute to a healthy skin and toned breasts. Drinking a lot of water also improves the condition of your breast tissue. Make sure you eat fennel seeds and saw palmetto – these foods boost natural breast enhancement in women.

What unites all of the ways to enlarge breasts summarized above is that they are much safer and cheaper than plastic surgery. If you’ve read a lot about numerous risks of breast augmentation and if you are now afraid of going under the knife, you might want to consider alternative options to enlarge breasts. They may not be as quickly gratifying as plastic surgery results, but they are definitely much healthier and 100% pain-free.

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