Eat less calories, live longer, recent study confirms

August 4, 2012 0

According to the recent US study of aging, people can live longer and even get rid of some aging-associated diseases by keeping to a specific diet. This diet implies all the usual healthy foods but restricts your calories by 30 percent compared to the typical intake. “Eat less, live longer” is something we’ve already heard before. However, nowadays this conclusion has a solid scientific base and relies on two studies of dieting mice and rhesus monkeys.

Scientists say that eating less calories can bring lots of benefits to people and can fend off such diseases as:

  • diabetes
  • cancer
  • heart ailments
  • neurodegeneration
eat less live longer

Another study held in the UK says: eating 40 per cent less food prolongs your life by twenty years. Since not many people can easily follow a restricted diet, scientists are now looking for drugs that can duplicate the result of caloric restriction healthily and without any side effects. While scientists are working further on delaying aging itself, we can learn to control our eating habits for a start.

How to eat less calories

Haste makes waste when it’s about choosing your eating strategies for weight loss. Approach the issue gradually, without starving yourself. It can be tough, but you can always make the most of the simple tricks to outsmart your hunger. If you want to know how to eat less calories and still feel full, read and follow the tips from the dietitian below:

  • concentrate at eating and savour your food thoughtfully: if you get distracted while eating (watch TV or talk on the phone) you will consume more calories
  • fill up on green leafy vegetables rich in fiber: this way you will eat less calories, feel more full and become healthier
  • use smaller dinnerware for your smaller portions: if you use small plates and bowls that contrast with your food, you will create a visual effect of an even larger portion
  • put down your fork from time to time or use chopsticks when eating: the slower you eat, the more pounds you lose
  • keep candies and other delicious yummies out of sight: don’t tempt yourself into eating what you don’t want to eat
eating less than 1200 calories a day

Everybody knows that overeating is a problem. So take one step at a time and reduce your calories gradually. Learning how to eat less than 1200 calories a day and still stay healthy is a long time effort. So be patient, active and remember that healthy eating is even more effective if combined with regular ‘portions’ of exercising. Start working out on a regular basis and soon you will feel how effectively your body can fight against aging for your prolonged youth and good health.

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