Do you really lose sensation with breast implants?

September 29, 2013 0

Yes, sometimes women permanently or temporarily lose nipple and/or breast sensation after getting implants. Why and how often does it occur? Because the nerve responsible for sensation in the breast area is tiny and thin, surgeons are often unable to see it when carrying out surgery. As a result, this nerve might be stretched, cut or accidentally cauterized (burned).

If the nerve is stretched in your case, then nipple/breast sensation normally returns. If the nerve is cut, sensation is most likely permanently lost. If the nerve is burned, the possibility of sensory return depends on how serious the burn is. If your question is how often do you lose sensation with breast implants, the risk is about 15 % nationally.

do you lose sensation with breast implants

The nerve that conducts sensation to the nipple can also be stretched because of the size of your implants. If the implants you choose are too big for your body, it will increase the risk of loss of nipple sensation. The key here is finding a good plastic surgeon who will help you choose properly sized implants that will also enhance your figure greatly.

Loss of sensation after breast augmentation

If you’re thinking about surgically enhancing your breasts, you must be aimed at larger, fuller and shapelier ladies. When considering breast enhancement and reading about potential risks of the enlargement surgery, women come to find out about possible partial or complete loss of sensation as a side effect. The risk is not too high, but it’s still possible that you will permanently lose nipple sensation.

You should know that permanent loss of nipple sensation after breast augmentation is impossible to predict. So if this risk is totally unacceptable to you, we recommend reconsidering the operation. Another option would be asking your plastic surgeon about the possibility of him using only finger dissection and abstaining from cauterization near the nerve during the operation. This would lower the risk of breast numbness after surgery.

In the majority of cases numbness after breast augmentation is a common sign of recovery. Women who go through recovery after breast augmentation surgery often feel numbness around their nipples, near the incision area or in other parts of their breasts. If the surgery was performed properly, sensation should return in the weeks or months following the operation.

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