Breast massage for enlargement?

September 22, 2013 0

Although a lot of modern women still resort to costly and potentially dangerous enhancement surgeries, there are some effective ways to enlarge your breasts naturally and painlessly. For example, nowadays many women opt for massage when it comes to increasing their bust size, making their breasts firm and contributing to their roundness.

Wondering how breast massage stimulates breast growth? Speaking in simple terms, when you massage your breasts, you increase blood circulation which encourages certain hormones to increase your bust size. According to the research, if you massage your breasts for up to thirty minutes a day, they should grow one cup size larger in about a month.

massage for breast enlargement how to

So why is using breast massage for enlargement so beneficial? Learn about the advantages below:

  • massage allows you to avoid numerous surgical breast augmentation risks and complications
  • massage improves your skin’s elasticity
  • it enhances the contours of your breasts
  • it helps you always feel confident about the health of your breasts; also, when you massage regularly, you can notice changes in fibrous tissue right after they occur
  • it improves the structure of your breasts

One of the great psychological benefits of breast massage is that it allows you to stay in touch with your body and embrace its natural beauty. As a result you feel more feminine, confident and learn to love your body the way it is. This improves your personal life and allows you to realize that your breast size does not equal happiness at all.

Before you start doing massage for breast enlargement

  • make sure you avoid stretching your skin
  • be very gentle and avoid putting extra pressure on your breasts
  • if you have sensitive breasts, use cream or lotion to prevent excessive friction on the skin
  • keep in mind that breast massage should be performed only with your hands
  • make sure your hands are warm before you start
  • due to the increase in blood flow, you may feel a tingling sensation in your breasts after you’ve done the massage
  • remember that breast massage should be a pleasant experience: if you feel any discomfort, stop and ask your healthcare provider if you’re doing it right

How to do breast massage for cleavage enlargement

As with any type of massage, breast massage helps you eliminate toxins from your body. Along with breast enlargement due to massage, this health benefit is especially appreciated. Here’s why. Most women spend about fifteen hours a day wearing bras, which can prevent the natural release of toxins. Massage will dissolve toxins and boost your bust health.

breast massage for enlargement

So how to do breast massage to achieve fuller cleavage without plastic surgery? There are a lot of techniques. We recommend the Chi breast massage – one of the most effective massage techniques used nowadays. Find the step-by-step instructions below:

  • place your hands over your breasts (like the picture above shows)
  • spread your fingers out and add slight pressure on your fingertips
  • begin moving your breasts inward (toward each other), as if creating cleavage; then move your breasts outward (away from each other); then towards each other again
  • do at least 100 repetitions for each direction
  • perform your breast massage sessions once or twice a day

For your breast massage you can use body lotions, oils, herbal extracts or breast enhancement creams. Of course, achieving a 2-3 cup size increase is hardly ever possible with only massage. That’s why a lot of women couple massage with various breast enlargement creams for a better result. If you’re wondering if breast enhancement creams work, you can read about it in our other post.

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