Benefits of olive oil on face

March 20, 2013 2

You can buy an expensive face care product and layer your delicate facial skin with chemicals. Or you can make the most of olive oil – the best facial moisturizer you can already find in your house. No need to buy anything! The health and beauty benefits of olive oil on face are numerous. Just try one of these olive oil facial masks or use olive oil by itself to finally realize that the best (and the healthiest) products are sitting in your kitchen!

Now ladies, did you know that olive oil prevents aging? It does indeed! Olive oil contains vitamin A and vitamin E which rejuvenate your skin and give your face a natural glow. You can use olive oil as a natural skin remedy and cleanser. Mix it with sugar or crystallized honey and you’ll get a facial scrub. Use olive oil on your kisser and you’ll prevent chapped lips… You can even remove eye makeup with olive oil and enjoy your perfectly cleansed skin!

benefits of olive oil on face

So what are the olive oil skin benefits for your face:

  • olive oil moisturizes your skin beautifully and effectively
  • it makes your complexion glow
  • makes your skin clean and smooth
  • renews your face skin and prevents wrinkles

It is worth mentioning that olive oil is very good for scar removal. It improves your skin’s elasticity. If you’re wondering if olive oil cures acne, the answer is yes, if used correctly olive oil will healthily work on your face as a healing agent removing acne and even alleviating acne scarring. Along with dozens of olive oil benefits for face, this beauty secret will also soften your hands, strengthen your nails and erase stretch marks from pregnancy/weight loss.

Olive oil for face skin care: moisturizing and exfoliating

If you want to know how to nourish your skin naturally and put this knowledge to practice, you will definitely opt for extra virgin olive oil over chemical moisturizers, expensive acne remedies and other ‘miracle in a jar’ solutions available on the market. Olive oil goes deep into the skin and provides a very healthy and natural shield of moisture. If you don’t like the feeling of greasiness, apply olive oil to your face after rinsing it with warm water.

olive oil for face skin care benefits

When mixed with lemon juice and applied to face, olive oil gives your skin even more toning and refreshment. If your skin is dry and scaly, mix olive oil with sea salt and massage the mixture into the dry area. This will exfoliate dead skin, clean your pores and nourish the healthy refreshed layer underneath. Remember that you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to make your skin look young, clean and radiant. What’s good for your skin is often something you already have at home. Just read more of our posts and then take a look around.


  1. extra virgin olive oil March 31, 2013 at 8:16 am - Reply

    You mentioned extra virgin olive oil and I just wanted to add that this type of oil is the best option for your skin care if you want healthier facial skin. Extra virgin olive oil is non-processed and i.e. more expensive compared to the usual olive oil, but it’s your best option.

  2. Sumeenurai May 1, 2013 at 4:57 pm - Reply

    laleli does some really great products. My complexion looked really horrible but after using olive oil it felt and looked like I was a super model with super skin, soft to touch.

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