Aging celebs: HILARIOUS make-unders

August 3, 2012 2

‘Celebrity aging’ is a newly-coined phenomenon that seems to differ greatly from the average aging process in humble humans. Most celebrities’ red-carpet looks flaunt perfection: lean bodies, shiny hair, silky skin and little to no signs of aging. Is everything as ideal as it appears in the magazine covers? Nah… Tons of no-makeup aging celeb pics reveal the shocking truth, but we’ve got something that’s even more fun.

aging celebrities

Perhaps early in the morning some makeupless Hollywood stars look a bit like us average humans, but they are not exactly like us. Celebs’ cellulites is destroyed by their personal trainers, celebs’ fancy garments are chosen by their stylists, celebs’ wrinkles are ironed out by very expensive docs… Both youthful and aging celebrities regularly get down to having themselves Photoshopped into skinny divine creatures. Now that’s what we call plastic lies. But Photoshop can’t be all that bad!

Aging average celebrities from Planet Hiltron

Are you also a bit sick of the glamorously fake celebrity Photoshop makeovers? Now imagine all the posh Hollywood stars having totally unprecedented average looks. Aging average celebrities who are just like regular folks without any exaggeration – you will enjoy the view thanks to New York pop artist and Photoshop guru Danny Evans. The complete set of his hilarious celebrity make-unders can be found within the Facebook photo series called Planet Hiltron.

Ready? Let the fun begin!

1. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

God bless you, average version of Angie and thank you for the itchy satisfaction your stiff demeanor brings to all the ladies who rest their eyes on this photo. Brad, you look oh so averagely lost… Angie must have shagged you to complete exhaustion. We told you so!!!

average aging celebs

2. Jennifer Aniston and… Jennifer Aniston

We all remember Jennifer Aniston’s ridiculously hot Yoga body. Obviously, the chubby side of her was secretly stuffing her mug with anything she could get her hands on … eating her sorrow away for someone who cheated her out of her lil girls’ dreams. Damn yer cheating disco stick!

aging stars from Planet Hiltron by Danny Evans

3. David and Victoria Beckham

Average Victoria, finally you were given a sandwich. You’re no longer a style icon you used to be, but it’s all good as long as David is all smiles!

ageing Hollywood stars

4. Jay Z and Beyonce

This awkward family pic of average non-diva Beyonce and downgraded secretly troubled Jay Z gives us shivers. We’re just not ready for all this hidden maniac fever… We want the hot couple back on stage!

ageing celeb couples

5. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison

This couple looks so cozily and so typically spoused. They could be married this time next year, growing hair on arms and feeding them lovely double chins… But now that everything is as messy as average Kristen’s hair, we’re left to wonder…

planethiltron website

6. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

“Just wanting to say a BIG ‘Thank You’ for bringing us together. Our destinies are forever entwined and it all began with a ‘wassup’ on BBW Dating Plus Size dot com…” Kimye xxxx

celebrity aging

7. Tom Cruise

Hey there, I’m Super Tom. One more ‘kattie’ down, a few dozens more to go. PHEW, so tired… All sweaty and hot…

average aging celebs

These photos have been circling around the web showing us plain and average versions of celebs. Of course we will continue seeing the glamorous side of celebrity aging most of the time. But this unique Photochopped collection is like a breath of fresh air in a stale room filled with plastic dolls. Chicken nest on Angelina Jolie’s head, Jennifer Aniston’s heavy lumps of curves, Tom Cruise’s sweaty hotness… All these celebrity imperfections are just so refreshing!


  1. carole81 August 5, 2012 at 12:13 pm - Reply

    hahahahaha! this made my day!

  2. lisaeld March 25, 2013 at 6:48 am - Reply

    Crazy make unders. Kim and Kanye are on their way to looking similer to this pic tho :-)

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