10 surprising facts from Kate Upton’s bio

August 5, 2012 2

Kate Upton’s swimsuit biography is vast and drool-worthy. Her Cat Daddy and Dougie videos are bouncing up and down all around the web. Girls may say that Kate’s boobs are fake, and that her waist is absent, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t secretly following her poop schedule. This supermodel is not perfect, but she is fun and pleasant to look at. Needless to say she is hot enough to make BIG splashes in a sensitive man’s heart.

Most details from Kate Upton bio are already circling around the web. But are you sure you know the following surprising facts about the queen of Dougie?

1. She must have had good docs since high school!

Kate Upton has always looked hot. Even in her yearbook photo, even with her epic cleavage hidden. Check it out!

kate upton biography

2. She scandalously appeared on the cover of ‘Skanks Illustrated’

Actually, it was ‘Sports Illustrated’, but you’ll see through the pun in a sec. The 2012 Kate-covered issue left very little to the imagination and caused massive uproar. ‘Us Weekly’ poll asked their readers whether they thought the scandalous cover was ‘Sexy or Skanky’. The results: very ‘Skanky’. Oh well, females who read ‘Us Weekly’ must have been very jealous.

kate upton swimsuit pics

3. She is no Victoria’s Secret Angel

Alas, Kate Upton’s measurements of 33-25-36 (84-63-92) are officially too luscious for Victoria’s Secret. It’s up to Kate whether to start following Candice Swanepoel’s diet or not, we’ll still love her bouncy bits even if she stays the same!

4. She is a swimwear designer: Expensive Beach Bunnies for Sale!

‘Kate Upton for Beach Bunny’ is a bikini line created by Kate. The swimsuits are tiny which cannot be said about the prices. Kate loves swimsuits, but lots of people say she’s better off modeling swimwear than designing it… Have a look at Kate in her bikini designs and tell us what you think!

kate upton bikini line pics

5. She got bucks growing on her family tree!!!

The fact that Kate Upton’s uncle is a Congressman from Michigan may not surprise you. But did you know that her great-granddad founded the Whirlpool Corporation in 1911? You would’ve loved to have a fruitful rest under that money-growing family tree for a while!

6. She’s only gonna teach a very special guy how to Dougie!

Just like any other hot schoolgirl, Kate Upton once said no to a nerdy guy who asked her to be his date for the prom. Even if you’re a famous athlete, Kate may have a huge ‘NO DICE’ prepared for you as well.

7. She makes basketball players’ hearts miss a basket

While in town for an event, Kate Upton stopped by to watch a basketball game. According to the reports, there weren’t many successful shots from Kate’s end of the stadium. Such a massive distraction!

8. Once she goes black, she never comes back!

Kate Upton loves to dance out of her bikini. The black cat daddy who once taught her how to Dougie must’ve been very good at it. We’re just sayin…

9. She gets turned on at the taste of one famous sandwich

The Southwest Patty Melt from Carl’s Jr. contains over 600 calories and almost 40 grams of fat. The whole thing is really nothing to write home about… until you watch the hot commercial with Kate…

10. Everyone else gets turned on at the sight of her getting turned on

But this fact is hardly ever surprising!

Kate Upton swimsuit pics and Dougie video


  1. denzack August 5, 2012 at 12:23 pm - Reply

    she needs to lose a few pounds really,,,

    • Melinda March 25, 2013 at 6:26 am - Reply

      People like you are the reason eating disorders exist!

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