Benefits of dating younger women

October 17, 2012 1

Good news for men who are into cradle robbing. Having a younger woman at your side gives you a lot more perks than you could possibly embrace. Your chances of going belly up prematurely decrease by a fifth if your girlfriend or wife is ten to twenty years younger.

Studies have shown that health benefits of dating younger women are very prominent. According to the research, a much younger girlfriend will care for you better and therefore will prolong your pleasurable days on this earth. Yes, dating younger women is that good for your health and wellness.

benefits of dating younger women

Similar research also found that things are not so rosy on the ladies’ front. It says that if you’re a woman who’s dating someone younger than you or, on the contrary, living with someone significantly older, you increase your chances of biting the dust too early by twenty per cent. Happy May-December romances don’t count!

Is dating a younger woman a problem?

When you date a younger woman, you see the world from a different angle (especially now that you know it’s going to make you live longer!). Yes, you’ve experienced a lot, but dating a younger female enables you to try enjoyable things you’ve never seen before. This positive exchange of experiences and emotions is very beneficial for both partners.

dating a younger woman

Is dating a younger woman a problem? Not at all. Unless she’s underage or imaginary. If dating outside your age group is something you prefer, then go for it. Scientific research and conclusions are interesting to read and discuss, but it’s real life choices and risks that make you grow emotionally and enjoy your life as you want to live it.

Marrying younger women: benefits

Younger women are active, which means your youthful partner will encourage your to move your body more often than you used to. This means you’ll lose weight and tone your muscles. As a result, your heart will become healthier and your brain will wake up from a lazy nap. Marrying a younger woman is one of the great ways to stimulate your brain and body.

More perks of robbing the cradle:

  • if settling down and starting a family is your major priority, marrying a younger woman is perfect for you: young ladies are in the prime of their reproductive years
  • younger women are attractive, fun and determined: they are active both mentally and physically
  • if you find a young woman with a mature view on the world, you will enjoy this combination and the refreshing challenge that comes with it
marrying a younger woman

Having a younger lady at your side boosts your self-esteem and makes you feel younger. Needless to say a young woman can become your natural Viagra alternative. It doesn’t mean that dating and marrying younger women is all about benefits. But if the relationship is based on mutual love and trust, your ‘happily ever after’ will last a lifetime.

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  1. prawl March 27, 2013 at 7:38 am - Reply

    Who cares about age. Love is not about age, it’s about trust, care, honesty and mutual respect.

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