Most expensive celebrity divorce settlements

August 3, 2012 0

These days the divorce rate is incredibly high. It is even higher when it’s about celebrity divorces which happen ridiculously often. ‘Irreconcilable differences’ is a weighty reason, but most celebrity divorce attorneys don’t really care as long as they are paid well. The better celebs pay their divorce lawyers, the higher chances they have for the least expensive celebrity divorce settlement.

most expensive celebrity divorce settlement

Now that the divorce market is all curious about how much Katie Holmes will get from Tom Cruise, we can already guess it’s not going to be the most expensive divorce settlement in the Hollywood history. If things don’t change, Katie may get up to 3 million dollars for each year she was married to Tom Cruise. That’s about $18 million plus a certain amount for child support which hasn’t been revealed yet. Rumour has it, Katie may get peanuts from prenup in the divorce…

More expensive divorces of Hollywood

Did you know that one of the planet’s richest man Rupert Murdoch paid his ex Anna a whooping $1.5 billion? Anna Murdoch must have been very happy to disappear from her ex’s life with such expensive divorce settlement on her hands! The 81-year-old media mogul was divorced twice, let’s hope his current wife (who’s 38 years younger) is not going to hire a famous sharp-toothed celebrity divorce lawyer in the long run…

most expensive divorces

Neil Diamond gave his ex wife Marcia Murphy ‘only’ $140 million after their separation became legal in 1994 which almost topped the list of the most expensive divorces in Hollywood. Tom Cruise would rather pull a lethal jumping stunt on Oprah’s head than part with such heavenly sums of cash. What’s interesting is that after the divorce Neil Diamond said his ex ‘was worth every penny of it’. Needless to say we’ll hear something like this from Tom Cruise only in a movie.

Harrison Ford handed over $118 million to his ex Melissa which was a hefty chunk of fortune even back then in 2004. NBA legend Michael Jordan allegedly awarded his ex wife Juanita almost $170 million as settlement in 2007. This celebrity couple’s divorce settlement was the biggest at that time. Paul McCartney’s ex wife walked away only with about $60 million: either because of the non-existent prenuptial agreement or thanks to the Beatle’s great divorce lawyer Fiona Shackleton.

Is HE worth every penny of it?

A few female celebrities had to pay round sums of money to their ex hubbies in divorce settlements. Guess what, Jennifer Lopez reportedly paid her ex Chris Judd $14 million after their 8-month marriage had been officially over. The pop icon met the lucky guy when filming her music video ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing’. Now that’s ironic. Even if love doesn’t cost anything, this divorce ended up quite costly for JayLo. She survived this loss of cash, not to mention the loss of a hubbie.

female celebrity divorce settlement

Another starry lady careless enough to forget about the prenuptial agreement is Madonna. She had to make Guy Ritchie up to $90 million richer after their divorce. That’s how much his ‘unreasonable behaviour’ cost her. Must be painful for a material girl to part with such weighty amount. Oh well, now she hits las islas bonitas with a lot less official and a lot more youthful guys than Mr. Ritchie. Were these gents worth every penny of the expensive divorce settlement? Who knows… But the freedom these celebrity femmes were awarded was definitely worth it!

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