Hottest celebrity women over 40

August 3, 2012 1

Being a successful over-40 female Hollywood star is a pleasure cruise. Nobody believes your actual age or recognizes you without make-up. Everyone (well, almost everyone) loves your toned abs, long lean legs and tight round butt. You are motivated, determined and gorgeously curvalicious. You’re also a stunning cougar on the prowl for male studs half their age…

Who do you think is the queen among today’s hottest celebrity women over 40? Below are our top 5 picks for Hollywood ladies over 40 who still look amazing:

5. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer’s body is a crime, but you’d love to be its all-time-witness, wouldn’t you. Her figure is one of the best in Hollywood, she is stylish and classy, trim and successful. She is also famously broken-hearted, and it enables lots of women out there to take her side. But we’re touching upon hotness here, so Ms. Hayek’s shape is a crime that’s a lot more serious. Salma’s curves are a killer, something I’m sure you’re dying to witness at first hand (literally) as well.

hottest celebrity women over 40

4. Gwen Stefani

Her body puts some girls half her age to shame, but we don’t care as long as we can see her as hot as she is now in 2012 when she is over 40. Kick ass genes or merely good docs? We don’t really care as long as we get to see as much of her body as possible. YUM! Not an ounce of fat, flawless skin, luscious lips like she’s still 25 or less… If you’re as hot as Gwen Stefani is you may take her place in this chart. Oh but you also have to be among celebrity women over 40!

hottest female stars 40+

3. Sofia Vergara

(Sofia, Sofia, Sofia… I had a dream of you last night… You were jumping up and down on my… I mean on the beach in that tiny bikini I’ve recently watched you flaunt online. I was there with you and ah oh uh…) A lot of guys have these occasional thoughts… we mean fantasies… when seeing how hot this female celeb is, but not many of them will admit to this sin when their gf’s are around. Your secret is safe with us guys, it’s sitting almost on top of our chart!

hot celebs over 40 women

2. Salma Hayek

You remember that ‘From Dusk Til Dawn’ hot dance, and we’re 100% sure you will never forget it. In fact, wherever Salma appears she turns heads and makes men drool over her divine curves skillfully wrapped up in Gucci. If you’re male and you don’t just love Salma Hayek you may want to talk to your psychiatrist about your attraction for guys… We’re just saying Salma is one hot celebrity woman!

hottest female celebs 2012

1. Jennifer Lopez

Luscious goddess with class, a successful entertainer, a pleasure to walk and work with… What more could a Smart guy need… Even Mark Anthony has bitten off his pride and now seems to be ready to crawl back to her Majesty JLo (too late!). This stunning womanita tops our chart listing some of the hottest female stars over 40 in Hollywood. Who else would you like to include in this list?

hottest looking female star jennifer lopez

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  1. purple69 April 14, 2013 at 9:24 am - Reply

    Jennifer Aniston is cute, but she’s not beautiful. Sofia and Salma are gorgeous though.

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