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What can be worse for a famous husband than his furious spouse aiming to get a divorce? Only a spouse who has already hired one of the best celebrity divorce lawyers in town. If you’re the starry wife, next time your hubbie thinks of some other pearls on the red carpet or calls you bad names, get back to this post. If you’re the husband… there might be no next time…

Tiger, oh Tiger. We’re sure you weren’t happy to hear your ex Elin Nordegren had hired Sorrell Trope, a divorce lawyer from Los Angeles, to sponge you off and make up for her lost time. But it sure was a pleasure to watch a professional legal (and lethal) hawk in action. With over 60 years of experience and successful practice in the area of family law, Sorrell Trope is famous to have represented Britney Spears, Nicole Kidman, Oksana Grigorieva and some other celebs facing their loud and relatively recent celebrity divorces.

celebrity divorce lawyer

With regard to representing Elin Nordegren, the celebrity divorce settlement Sorrell Trope has reached made Tiger Woods relinquish almost $100 million and agree not to flaunt his multiple girlfriends in front of his and Elin’s kids. Elin stated that Tiger Woods was a decent father. But oh yeah, she was wise enough to hide the ever-changing stream of Tiger’s gals from their children’s eyes. Until one of the poor souls married him, that is. In return Elin promised not to give (even more) compromising interviews or write sensational tell-all literary confessions.

What about other celebrity divorce attorneys…

Now if we switch from LA to the UK we cannot but mention one exceptionally famous celebrity divorce attorney whose most well-known clients are of royal descent. Fiona Shackleton is always at your disposal. If you have (and are ready to share) around 24.3 million pounds of course. That’s how much Sir Paul McCartney paid Ms. Fiona when divorcing himself from Heather Mills. Lucky Beatle Boy: his ex demanded 100 million. If not for Fiona, Sir Paul would never have saved money that effectively!

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Another powerful professional whose knowledge, experience and reputation precede him is Robert Stephan Cohen. In the press and among the (potential) celebrity clients he is called ‘one of the most powerful famous divorce lawyers in history’ and ‘your scariest nightmare’. Cohen’s clients include Christie Brinkley (two of her famous spouses – Billy Joel and Peter Cook had some bad dreams for sure), Tommy Mottola, Ivanna Trump, Grace Hightower and the mayor of the Big Apple Michael Bloomberg.

We cannot but mention Neal Hearsh who represented Brad Pitt, Denise Richards, Halle Berry and Pamela Anderson. One of his loudest and most dramatic cases was the divorce and custody battle between Alec Baldwin and Kim Besinger. He lives and works in Los Angeles, earning millions of dollars both for his desperate clients and for himself, of course. Long live top celebrity divorce lawyers and other specialists whose profession is making the show go on and on!

Learn from a good celebrity divorce lawyer

Celebrity marriages differ from the average ones in terms of the uniquely short-term duration of the former. However, high profile divorces can be similar to those experienced by the average humans. In the long run, so many people end up looking at the divorce papers instead of the sweet family pics. You can even learn a thing or two from a good celebrity divorce attorney.

celebrity divorce attorney

Here are the do’s and don’t’s of getting divorced:

  • first, get a prenuptial agreement: this will save a lot of money for you in case your marriage fails
  • second, adhere to the child custody rules you were given in court: if you don’t walk the talk, your ex spouse can take you back to the court which is going to be quite costly for you; and most importantly, if you try to spoil your ex’s relationship with your child, it’s you who the kid is going to blame when growing up
  • do not put down or slam your ex spouse publicly: we doubt that mass media are going to be interested in your divorce, but if you want the result to be quick, quiet and successful for you, avoid extra talk and name calling, especially in front of the kids
  • don’t deal with your divorce problems while other people are watching: unlike celebrity divorces and break-ups, yours won’t be shown on reality TV but airing your ‘average’ non-celeb dirty laundry in public still can cause problems in court

To cut a long story short, when learning something from celebrity divorces, do what most Hollywood ex’s avoid doing when breaking up. Become a bit more flexible and respectful to your children’s needs. Do your best to release your anger and do not show disappointment. Sweep aside your negative emotions and consider one win-win option: moving on. Taking up yoga may help.

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