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September 21, 2012 1

If you’re desperately searching for vajazzling salons near the place you live, you will most likely find at least one online. After Jennifer Love Hewitt let everyone on her little secret, almost every fashionista is willing to try vajazzling. You can find lots of vajazzle pictures at for more inspiration.

If you’re in the Big Apple, you will love Completely Bare spa in NYC – the lovely place where you will discover hundreds of vajazzling designs and ideas. It’s a vajazzling salon in New York where you will make the most of all the bling and glitter their beauty professionals have to offer.

vajazzling salons

If you’re in London, the capital of Albion, you will find lots of salons that offer vajazzling for men and women. You’ll read about the best of them below. Now what does vajazzling mean anyway? It’s all simple. Vajazzling is bedazzling your hoo-ha and making it shine like a disco ball. Sounds intriguing?

Vajazzling salons in the UK

Want to learn more about the procedure? Read more about it in our Vajazzling FAQ in one of the previous posts. Vajazzling is safe, it won’t hurt your partner and will spice it up in bed for the two of you. Looking for UK vajazzling salons where you’d get quality waxing & vajazzling services?

We’ll tell you about a few of the vajazzle salons in the UK:

  • Liverpool vajazzle fans can make the most of the service at a salon called ‘The Beauty Closet’
  • if you’re in search of vajazzling in Glasgow, you will like “Designer Waxing” salon that specializes in intimate waxing for women and men
  • Nottingham vajazzle services can be found at ‘Bodyworks’ beauty salon
vajazzling salons uk

If you’re in Manchester, you will love vajazzling at ONA Medi Spa – a unique beauty salon that offers a wide range of high quality beauty treatments. Professionals at this salon specialize in intimate waxing for men and women. They offer vajazzling for women in combination with Brazilian waxing.

Vajazzling salon London

Looking to bling your lady parts in London? ‘Inspire Beauty’ salon can become your most fave vajazzling option. Here you will enjoy having a pattern of Swarovski crystals placed on your freshly waxed skin on the pubic bone area above your va-jay-jay. ‘Inspire Beauty’ is your best vajazzling salon in London where you will get high quality services at a reasonable price.

vajazzling salon London

Enjoy discovering ‘Inspire Beauty’ – South East London’s top hair and beauty salon that offers quality vajazzling services. You’ll be given a number of designs and crystals to choose from. You can be vajazzled with patterns featuring girly pinks, vampish reds, diamond-clear and even black crystals for especially bad girls…

Design ranges from lovely flowers and butterflies to hot playboy bunnies and suggestive arrows. Aside from vajazzling, ‘Inspire Beauty’ salon offers a wide range of treatments for your body, hair, teeth and nails. If vajazzling salons Sydney is your most preferred search destination, you’re welcome to find the info about it on our website.

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  1. nygal March 26, 2013 at 6:32 am -

    My choice is Completely Bare Spa :) I’m from NY and yes I do vajazzle ha-ha