Unusual spa treatments

September 16, 2012 0

Did you know that Katie Holmes is willing to try slithering snakes on her skin rather than indulging in less unique treatments? As for Victoria Beckham, one of her favorite unusual spa treatments is called the bird poop facial mask… Would you enjoy the feeling of bird dung massaged into your face if you knew it would make you look younger?

If you want to know more about nightingale feces used as a face fertilizer, read more about it here. If you are determined and adventurous enough, you will try the famous Geisha facial and make sure that it’s neither stinky nor 100% revolutionary. There are some other weird beauty treatments we’d like you to learn about. Ready for the enlightenment session?

unusual spa treatments

Bird excrement is not the only unusual ingredient of the freaky facials beauty hunters experiment with. Snail secretion and placenta are some really weird substances beauty experts and chemists apply to their clients’ faces for a more youthful and smooth appearance. How about having glamorous strips of gold laid on your face? These are really weird spa treatments

If you are a fan of unusual massages, you’re going to love five masseuses instead of one. But what’s really strange is cactus leaves without spikes applied to post-massage for the purpose of battling toxins and tightening your skin. Think it can’t get any stranger than that? Think again! How about letting nonvenomous snakes slither on your skin for a soothing effect? You can ‘enjoy’ snake therapy any time you’re in Israel!

weird spa treatments

If you still don’t know what exactly the fish foot treatment is, you’re welcome to read more about it in one of our posts. A lot of celebrities and non-famous people are very fond of this strange spa treatment. As for the so-called leech therapy, it’s one of the treatments Demi Moore indulges in. This therapy applies leeches as a detoxifying treatment to improve bloodstream. If you haven’t seen numerous Demi Moore plastic surgery before and after pictures, you’d think her youthful appearance is all about leech therapy…

There are spa treatments that are more scary than strange or funny. For example, in China they use medicated fire to prevent a cold or flu. If you suffer from terrible headaches, you may find a very risky cure in Taipei. It’s called knife therapy. It suggests pressing knives dangerously into one’s head to relieve sufferings… We’re sure you’re healthy enough not to try these strange treatments…

strange spa treatments

Some of the most delicious, but strange and unusual spa treatments include cocoa facials, chocolate body wraps and chocolate body washes. To satisfy your sweet tooth even more, you can try a whipped cream bath at the Hotel Hershey, Pennsylvania. For others with an irresistible desire to discover bizarre bathing, you can dip into green tea, wine or even beer at some of the most creative spas.

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