The saga of Lisa Rinna’s lip surgery

August 15, 2012 0

Lisa Rinna’s controversial mouth has been (metaphorically) on everyone’s lips for a good long time. Sometimes it even seemed that her powerful upper lip had a life of its own: a publicity-hound puffy pout that craved all the attention. Whether the actress’s puckers win her more popularity or not, one thing has always been obvious: Lisa Rinna’s lip surgery is a big mistake.

She injected silicone into her upper lip when she was only 25. Why on earth did she do it? Let’s hear what she said about it in the numerous interviews:

  • silicone in the lip was like going out and getting a tattoo
  • it was a stupid impulsive decision
  • I don’t know why I did it. I didn’t need to do it but I did it
  • I wanted plump and beautiful lips like Barbara Hershey’s in the movie ‘Beaches’
lisa rinna lip surgery

For the first several years Lisa Rinna had been quite satisfied with the look of her ‘rinnovative’ upper lip. She even noted that the surgery result made her who she was. But then weird things started happening to the lip: silicone hardened, scar tissue formed, and the lips got bumpy. Next came a cortisone injection (for the sake of saving the lip), but it didn’t work and was very ‘gross’. So the actress set about to fix it – with more surgery.

Stiff upper lip smoothed out… for good?

Previously Lisa Rinna swore she’d never touch her silicone-distorted upper lip. However, because her ‘uneven and lumpy’ smacker started to look and feel awkward, the actress came to a decision to get lip-reduction surgery. “My lips started to define who I am. That bothered me,” Rinna said about why else she decided to reverse her decades old lip procedure. No wonder, that lip was almost the size of her smooth behind!

lisa rinna lip reduction

Lisa Rinna’s lip reduction surgery was performed in 2010. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Garth Fisher removed some of the tissue containing silicone and reconstructed the rest. As a result, Rinna’s lip volume was decreased by over 30 per cent. A few days after the surgery she looked very pleased with the outcome flaunting her new old lips. “My lip has no lumps. It’s smooth! It looks good – it’s huge difference,” she said in an interview flashing her big, fat post-surgery smile.

Lisa Rinna lip reduction: before and after photos

Some of the observers said that the actress hadn’t looked less mouthy than ever after the lip reduction surgery: probably because of the lip still being swollen from the corrective procedure. The lip wanted more and more attention even after it had been revised and reduced. “It doesn’t matter what other people think. I did it for myself,” Lisa Rinna commented, somewhat self-contradictorily.

Have a look at the before and after photos of Lisa Rinna’s lip reduction:

lisa rinna before and after lip reduction

Despite numerous warnings from plastic surgeons, Lisa insisted on lip reduction. According to Dr. Nicholas Vendemia, plastic surgeon and blogger from New York, the reduction procedure is very difficult, and the risk of major lip deformation is always quite high. The big problem with silicone lip injections is that they form these little balls inside the lips. That’s exactly what happened to Lisa Rinna’s plastic kisser.

In his blog Dr. Vendemia writes: “[mouth] movement massages whatever material was placed there into little balls, which are the lumps that can develop over time. And the longer the material lasts, the greater the chance of developing lumps… major bummer!” Unlike some of the temporary fillers that are popular among celebs now, silicone is permanent, it will not dissolve.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Edward Domanskis said that “another problem with silicone is that it’s extremely viscous and so it migrates. You inject it in the lips and it could end up in the chin”. To make matters worse, it is impossible to predict how much plumping will occur after the silicone injection. Oh dear… Instead of pumping her face back in 1986, Lisa Rinna could’ve just limited herself to a tattoo.

Harry on Lisa’s lips before and after the surgery

The only person who seemed to have no issue with Lisa Rinna’s inflated lip was her husband of 15 years, Harry Hamlin. “What got me about Lisa was her eyes, not her lips. So I spent most of my time looking at those”, said the wise hubby. He also said he hadn’t noticed the infamous ‘bumps’ and ‘lumps’ adding that Lisa’s mouth had always felt ‘soft and supple’.

harry loves lisa’s lips

At first Harry wasn’t happy about Lisa’s decision to reduce her lip and even persuaded her to leave it alone. But once Harry saw how important it was to Lisa, whose mouthiness had become internationally infamous, the supportive hubby jumped on board. “…Me, I’m just gonna get old and haggard. But I love Lisa no matter what – whether she has plastic surgery or not, or she’s gray or saggy. It’s the long haul here.” Harry Loves Lisa and mouths all the right things!

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