Pictures of Lisa Rinna before plastic surgery

August 15, 2012 1

It is no secret that Lisa has undergone numerous plastic surgery procedures. But the main work of plastic art performed by her surgeons was that very first disastrous lip job. Check out the pictures of Lisa Rinna before plastic surgery when she looked truly fabulous and wasn’t given nasty nicknames like ‘trout pout’ or ‘pucker apparatus’.

photos, pictures of lisa rinna before plastic surgery

Rinna was so gorgeous when she was young, right until she had her first plastic surgery that made her face look so overdone at a very young age. She had silicone injection on a whim when she was 25, so we barely managed to see the beautifully natural side of the actress. Now that Lisa reduced the poor over-plumped upper lip, she still looks somewhat awkwardly mouthy.

Lisa Rinna: plastic surgery disaster

Although the actress keeps stiff upper lip when saying she has no regrets about anything, it is scarcely believable. We’re guessing today Lisa Rinna’s lip surgery is among her biggest regrets. At least that’s what she implies when advocating natural looks: “I want young women to learn to love themselves. You don’t need to change anything especially your lips.”

The actress firmly states that she’s through with plastic surgery. She’s “tried it all” and “not a fan of it anymore.” Still her features and lines somehow keep changing, enhancing and smoothing, not without additional (surgical and cosmetic) help we believe. In one of the interviews Lisa said: “At my age, you have to look good if you want to continue working. Sometimes we do things to help, and I did.”

lisa rinna plastic surgery

Doctors suspect that Lisa’s exclusively bad lip job didn’t stop her from getting more plastic surgery. According to Dr. David Shafer, cosmetic surgeon from New York, the actress looks as though she has had Botox in her forehead to make it smoother and fillers in her cheeks for the ‘highest’ effect. Other plastic surgeons add that Lisa must have had face lifts along with cheek implants.

Lisa Rinna’s botched surgeries: going too far under the knife

While Lisa Rinna and breast implants is something that really shows in most of her Playboy pics, some observers insist the actress “looks as though she has had an over-aggressive rhinoplasty at some point, leaving her with a pinched-looking nose”. Now that’s something new. If the gossip is true, the woman has definitely gone too far under the knife.

Unlike her mouth, Lisa Rinna’s body is nice to look at. The actress works out regularly and is very passionate about everything healthy and natural to keep her physique toned and trim. She’s been practicing yoga for years, just like recently engaged Jennifer Aniston. Rinna definitely knows how to improve overall health and lose a few pounds at the same time.

lisa rinna plastic surgery before and after

However, Lisa seems quite obsessive about the whole corrective thing, obsessive to the point of addiction. Lisa Rinna’s plastic surgery is all over the web, while you will not find more than two or three photos of her young and natural. Who knows, maybe the reality star has achieved exactly what she’s been striving for: her enormous lips have made her who she is – rich and famous.

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