Nightingale droppings: behind the mask

September 20, 2012 0

Geishas are renowned for their iconic shimmering porcelain complexions. Their flawless facial skin was a result of regular facial treatments featuring nightingale droppings or uguisu no fun in Japanese. The treatment was even mentioned in the novel ‘Memoirs of Geisha’ and is now being widely used in the Western world.

The ancient beauty secret has been skillfully revived through the Geisha facial which is also known as the bird poop facial treatment. Oprah has talked about it. Victoria and David Beckham have long been fans of these facials. Tom Cruise denies plastic surgery rumors saying his never-aging face looks so young thanks to this fantastic spa treatment.

nightingale droppings

The nightingale droppings mask is said to:

  • break down dead skin cells
  • nourish and lighten the skin
  • treat the skin that has been damaged by acne or sun
  • keep the healthy glow by acting as an exfoliant
Japanese nightingale droppings mask

Some of the trendiest spas now offer the nightingale droppings facials that range from $120 to $250 a treatment. It’s one of the most popular and bizarre beauty treatments widely used by many Hollywood stars. Although numerous reviews state that Japanese nightingale droppings prevent aging, it doesn’t mean the facials will help you get rid of all your wrinkles.

Uguisu no fun: buy nightingale feces and… have fun!

You cannot afford the costly facials? Is Shizuka New York Day Spa (and other spas that offer this treatment) out of your reach? Don’t panic. You can buy powdered and sanitized nightingale feces online or at a local beauty remedy store to then use them in the comfort of your own home for less than $1 per treatment.

What you need to know about uguisu no fun before embracing the fun of buying and using it:

  • uguisu no fun is sanitized and powdered before being used on skin
  • uguisu no fun smells okay
  • usually the Geisha facial spa treatment is a full procedure that suggests cleansing, pore extraction, light massage and the nightingale droppings mask
uguisu no fun buy

Although giving the nightingale droppings mask a try will help you make sure that Tom Cruise is a liar, you’ll also come to realize that to a certain extent this treatment really is effective. So all the positive reviews do make sense. And this kind of stuff is a great silence breaker – for after meal, of course. By the way, ‘fun’ is Japanese for ‘excrement’…

Nightingale excrement: so many positive reviews

Yes, the secret weapon of the magic Japanese facial treatment is nightingale excrement. Highly regulated by the Japanese government. After ‘harvesting’, it is sanitized under ultraviolet light and powdered by beauty professionals. If you’re lucky to get the facial treatment at a trendy spa, you’ll definitely enjoy the amazing effect.

nightingale feces excrement

The facial treatment featuring nightingale droppings was rediscovered by New York facialist Shizuka Bernstein in November 2007. Shizuka always remembered her mother telling her about the ancient geishas’ uguisu no fun facials. When Shizuka was considering brand new facial ingredients for her NYC spa, she drew inspiration from her mother’s wisdom.

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