Moisturizing foundation for dry and very dry skin

May 5, 2013 0

If you’re searching for the best moisturizing foundation for dry skin, we recommend that you first read the tips on how to shop for the perfect foundation for you here. It’s so important to find the right texture and formulation of the foundation. By the same token buying the right foundation shade is also very essential.

We’ve prepared a series of tips to help you choose the best foundation for your skin type. Make sure you read all the posts on how to shop for the right foundation for you before you come up with a decision. Your best foundation for dry skin should look flawlessly natural and hide the dry patches on your face instead of enhancing them.

moisturizing foundation for dry skin

Laura Mercier – Crème Smooth Foundation

  • medium to full coverage
  • conceals redness and various marks on your skin very well
  • very good to cover lumps and bumps
  • contains lots of skincare ingredients
  • contains no SPF (photographs really nicely)

This foundation looks beautifully on your skin. It’s very pigmented and creamy, so the best way to apply foundation of this kind is by building up slowly and blending it in thoroughly. Make sure you apply your Crème Smooth Foundation over well moisturized skin (or primer) and blend it very well for a gorgeous satin finish. Avoid applying a lot of this foundation at the beginning, or it can look like a mask.

best moisturizing foundation for dry skin

Chanel – Vitalumiere

  • light coverage (buildable to medium)
  • dewy, gives your skin a beautiful glow
  • very natural-looking
  • SPF 15

Don’t confuse Vitalumiere with Vitalumiere Aqua, because they are different. Chanel’s Vitalumiere is a great foundation for dry skin. It suits both young and mature ladies. Even though it has an SPF of 15, it doesn’t give any unfortunate flashback when photographed. This foundation only comes in 8 shades. But if you find the right one for you among them, we recommend it as a beautiful, hydrating, dewy foundation.

best foundation for very dry skin

Bourjois – Healthy Mix Serum

  • light to medium coverage
  • lightweight dewy finish
  • doesn’t highlight pores
  • looks very good in daylight
  • perfect foundation for winter

This foundation looks very natural. It is dewy without being too shiny. It contains lots of vitamins and skincare ingredients. For an oily T-zone we recommend using powder on top of the Healthy Mix Serum foundation. Healthy Mix Serum shouldn’t be confused with the original Healthy Mix, because the latter one is a great foundation for combination skin.

foundation for dry skin

Bobbi Brown – Foundation Stick

  • easily buildable coverage
  • very portable
  • good for keeping your skin moisturized
  • does the concealing job very well
  • beautiful dewy finish

You can either use this foundation all over your face, or conceal certain areas of your skin with dryness and red patches. If you don’t like dewy finish, you can always add a little bit of powder on top of your Bobbi Brown’s Foundation Stick. It’s very easy to apply. You can apply it with a brush and then thin it out thoroughly. You can even almost use it like a concealer.

Best foundation for very dry mature skin

If you’re looking for the best foundation for very dry skin, we recommend you to avoid foundations with lots of pearls in them. Because if you use them, your dry skin will twinkle and look very glittery instead of just looking (and feeling) beautifully natural. This type of effect won’t make your dry skin look naturally gorgeous. You can achieve the dewy gorgeousness by using the foundation we’ll recommend below.

best foundation for dry older mature skin

Bobbi Brown – Tinted Moisturizing Balm

  • light coverage
  • doesn’t stick in fine lines or wrinkles
  • doesn’t emphasize wrinkles
  • contains lots of skincare ingredients
  • you can use powder and/or concealer on top of it

This foundation is wonderful for you if you’ve got a very dry skin. It gives your dry skin that lovely dewy glow that is very natural. It is a more of a tinted balm, so it’s not a full coverage foundation. However, it’s going to give you a gorgeous natural look you’ve always wanted to have. Bobbi Brown’s Tinted Moisturizing Balm is by far the best foundation for dry older skin. Read our flawless foundation tips to make the most of your beauty products.

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