Lisa Rinna before and after breast implants

August 15, 2012 0

Lisa Rinna has been experimenting with her face and body since 80’s. Her disastrous cosmetically enhanced lips have been weighing her down ‘til she finally decided to repair them surgically. In addition to having a great deal of facework, the actress could have had breast augmentation at some point in the past.

Although Lisa Rinna’s breast implants seem more or less natural, it still shows in the photos that the actress has taken her bust to a plastic surgeon. They say she enlarged her boobies just before posing for Playboy for the second time. Yes, Lisa’s new super high breasts look much better than her long-suffering mouth, but the girls sorta resemble round plastic orbs now.

Check out Lisa Rinna before and after breast implants in the pic below:

lisa rinna breast implants before and after

If the actress continues in the same spirit, the procedures she undergoes will bring even more problems than her lip surgery nightmare. Oh, Lisa, your body is perfect and you seem fun, but we just don’t always get past your lips to understand what you say. If you gravitate towards further breast augmentation, standing close to all your pumped areas will imply the risk of getting sucked in.

Lisa Rinna boob job: I’m sexy and I know it

Before the surgery, Lisa Rinna’s breasts didn’t look too firm or too high. They were small, but very natural. After the procedure the actress’s bust and some other plastic stars’ below-the-neckline hot air balloons became indiscernible. Lisa has had so much obvious and nightmarish surgery that we just can’t stop wondering why she still thinks she looks gorgeous.

lisa rinna breast implants and boob job

Lisa Rinna’s plastic surgery experiences get more attention than her acting skills. But things may change for the better now that the actress and reality star wants us to know she’s more than just a huge pair of surgically enhanced lips. According to the reposts, Lisa is done with corrective procedures. We’re guessing she’s just taking a break looking for a body part that hasn’t gone under the knife yet.

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