Kill-you shoes by Iris Van Herpen and United Nude

August 7, 2012 0

Women love high heels. Walking in some of them can be scary, but the way a glamorous pair of shoes looks is worth the pain we all have to endure sometimes. However, there are shoes that actually look quite scary. At least at first sight and in a very glamorous way… if you know what we mean…

The new ‘Thorn’ heels will suit you best whenever you’re in a playfully aggressive high-tech mixed with high-fashion mood. Even though these high heels by Iris Van Herpen and shoe brand United Nude are officially considered ‘haute couture’, some ladies are still not ready to stretch the limits of their views on extravagance that far. What do you think of this architectural shoe art?

iris van herpen shoes

Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen is one of the most promising names and freshest talents in today’s fashion world. Her works stun with their eccentric innovation and bold futurism. Her highly detailed craftsmanship results in amazing sculptural allure and sensational visualization. She’s already worked with Bjork being the mastermind behind the harp-belted garment the quirky singer wore on the cover of her ‘Biophillia’ album.

iris van herpen thorn shoes

The 27-year-old designer used radical material to create the ‘Thorn’ line making the most of 3-D printing and carbon fiber. These sensational footwear creations feature spikes made from hand cut semi-precious stones that break out between the heels and platforms. Iris van Herpen ‘Thorn’ shoes will be produced in limited numbers in two colours: (glossy and matt) black and beige (glossy nude).

Iris van Herpen heels: jaw-dropping or plain bizzar?

Iris Van Herpen’s latest ‘Thorn’ footwear collaboration with United Nude for her Autumn/Winter 2012 collection, “Hybrid-Holism” is indeed ferocious. However, unlike Iris Van Herpen heels from her previous line called ‘Fang’, this pair is less sharp and even has a certain delicacy to it: the spikes merge together to create a cute cold flower between the heel and the platform.

So we gotta ask: are these insane shoes to die for?

iris van herpen heels

A word of caution: people may find it difficult to get used to your ‘thorned’ grandeur… unless you’re pop iconoclast Lady Gaga of course. One thing is for sure: if you want to have ‘looks to kill’, you might want to get ‘shoes to deal the final blow’. We’re just sayin…

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