How to do your own wedding makeup – expert tips

July 29, 2013 0

Getting to know all the secrets of doing your own wedding makeup is not easy. You want to look perfect during the whole day, which requires prepping and priming your skin, finding the perfect foundation for your skin tone, getting the right eyeshadows, blush and lipstick along with learning how to achieve waterproof wedding makeup…

It takes time and effort to learn and practice doing your own wedding makeup. However, this challenge is achievable if you are persistent enough. Are you worried that if you do your own wedding makeup, it will melt off? Don’t know how to get your makeup to look beautiful in pictures? Then this post with our expert tips is for you.

how to do your own wedding makeup

First, you want to look like an enhanced and polished version of yourself on your wedding day: if you’re normally not a huge makeup fan, your wedding day is not the best time to wear dramatic cat eye liner or a red-lip. Second, go for a classic makeup, nothing too trendy: you want to look timelessly beautiful on your wedding day.

More DIY wedding day makeup tips

  • take a good care of your skin in the weeks leading up to the big day: you want to avoid stress and dehydration
  • start with evening out your skin tone, then move on to the eyes, cheeks and lips
  • apply primer over any uneven areas of your face (wrinkles, breakouts etc.); then apply a thin layer of tinted moisturizer or mineral foundation; for more coverage use an oil-free foundation instead of a tinted moisturizer
  • use a highly pigmented concealer cream to hide any visible skin imperfections
  • emphasize your eyes or your lips: if you emphasize both, you may end up looking like a clown
  • set your makeup with a light, all-over powder and make sure you carry blotting papers with you
  • practice your wedding makeup look at least five times before your wedding day
  • if you’re wondering about the best way to remove makeup, read more about it in Womanita’s other posts; you will especially like this one
do your own wedding makeup

Some more tips for your DIY makeup to look its best

  • avoid too much fake tan: you don’t want to look orange on your wedding day
  • say “I do” to exfoliation: if you want your face to look almost flawless, exfoliate once or twice a week a few months before the big day
  • invest in teeth whitening: make sure it’s done professionally at your dentist’s office
  • sweat-proof your routine: pack baby wipes and deodorant on the big day; first wipe your armpits with a baby wipe, then re-apply deodorant
  • opt for classic manicure and pedicure: two words: Soft. Pink.
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Do your own wedding makeup and look good in photos

If your wedding goes into the evening, there’s going to be lots of flash cameras and artificial lights – something you need to be well prepared for makeup-wise. You’re going to be photographed all day long, that’s why you should aim at doing your own wedding makeup that looks amazing in pictures.

photo friendly diy wedding makeup tips

Some tips for your photo-friendly wedding day makeup:

  • avoid any light reflective products: this will make everything you’ve used on your face tone in and look seamlessly gorgeous
  • if you want to highlight your cheekbones, make sure you apply a little bit of the product to the high points of your cheekbones and blend it well
  • avoid shimmery powders on your wedding day: this will make your make-up look very distorted and harsh in flashlight
  • look for long-lasting products: waterproof pencils, waterproof mascara, long-lasting cream eye shadows etc.
  • apply your wedding makeup in thin layers: it will last so much longer that way
  • you probably will need to touch up, especially lipstick
  • check your body and make all of your skin uniform: especially if you’re going to wear a low-back or strapless wedding dress; you want to hide and cover every little blemish
  • for your body makeup, use Mac Face & Body foundation, because it sets and dries

You should remember that wearing white changes how your makeup looks. That’s why professional makeup artists always recommend trying out the look you’ve chosen for your wedding before actually flaunting it on the big day. When trying out the look, take photographs with a flash so that you can really see how everything sits together. You don’t want to look too washed out or too tan.

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