How to buy the right foundation shade

April 23, 2013 0

Today’s post is all about finding the right shade of foundation for you. But before we discuss finding the perfect foundation shade in detail, you will need to do some preparation and skin analysis. When you have free time, maybe at the weekend, make sure your skin is completely clean, and all your makeup has been removed.

Make sure that your mirror is big enough to show your exposed face, neck, chest and shoulders. Pull your hair back and then have a really good look at yourself in the mirror in daylight. Remember that cleansing and exfoliation can cause redness on your face. So allow the time for any temporary redness to fade before analyzing your skin.

Pay special attention to:

  • the difference in tones within your face and neck
  • how your face compares to your neck
  • how your neck compares to your chest, your shoulders, even your hands
how to buy the right foundation shade

What you’re looking at is an overview of all the tones you have within your skin. You will need to analyze them thoroughly in order to choose the best foundation for your skin tone. This self knowledge will really help with the next step of learning how to buy the right foundation shade for you.

Buying the right foundation color: tips and tricks

The first thing you should know is that everyone is different. Your skin tone in combination with your skin type and other parameters is unique. Even the skin color within one’s face tends to be uneven, not to mention the difference in shades between one’s face and neck.

The second thing we’d like you to be aware of if is that skin isn’t just pink or yellow. It’s a mixture of various colors. One of the key things to buying the right foundation color is finding some common ground between your face and your body and really bringing those two together so that it looks like one person.

how to buy the right foundation color

Some tips on how to buy the right foundation color for you:

  • when choosing your foundation shade, think of matching up to all your exposed skin, not only small areas where there’s pigmentation or redness; otherwise your face color will differ from your neck in a very bizarre way
  • if you sometimes notice some redness in your facial skin (around the nose and/or the chin area), you should avoid choosing a foundation that has pink undertones
  • avoid matching the foundation you’re testing to the center of your neck right under the chin, because this area is usually a lot lighter than your face and body
  • in the majority of people the best places to test the foundation are the back of the jaw line and the side of the neck

Some women have pigmentation around their chin or nose area, others have red patches going down from the cheeks… Of course you’d want to test your foundation on your less problematic skin area. The side of the neck (not too far) and the back of the jaw line suit perfectly here. The side of the neck usually has a lot of the undertones of the body and is quite neutral.

How to get the right foundation color

Remember that your ideal foundation should give you a nice and even skin tone without completely obliterating all of your skin texture and making you look like a shop manikin. Once you get the right foundation color that will work great on your face and blend well with your neck you will feel that uniformity coming in.

how to get the right foundation color

When you have the awareness of your skin tone and your skin type, you’re able to be a much savvier shopper. Having that knowledge means you’re more likely to get exactly the right shade of foundation for you. That’s why it is vital to assess your skin color and skin tones in daylight before starting to shop for foundation.

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