Geisha facial: Japanese beauty secret

September 10, 2012 0

Historically, women have gone to great lengths to make their skin look younger. When it comes to preventing aging, many of us will try some of the most bizarre beauty treatments out there. Lots of celebrities have already tested them and are now promoting them to the world.

One of the brand new and quite unusual spa treatments is Geisha facial or Japanese facial. It is used to cleanse, soften, brighten and nourish the facial skin. Geisha facials are also known as bird poop facial treatment. Not so romantic-sounding, but very refreshing and original.

No worries, you won’t smell any poo once the spa facialist applies the mask on your face. In fact, you’ll feel refreshed and enjoy the look of your glowing skin after the treatment. Powdered nightingale droppings (or uguisu no fun in Japanese) have been used in Japanese facials since ancient times.

geisha facial

The beauty secret was practiced by geishas – beautiful, well-educated and talented women of ancient Japan. Graceful, skilled in dance and beauty, geishas were famous for their unique porcelain complexion which was flawlessly clear and absolutely pristine. However, geishas had to sacrifice their health for such refined beauty.

Their white face powder contained high lead and zinc levels – harmful ingredients which led to chronic skin diseases. This caused much suffering among the ladies. Things instantly began to improve when a unique remedy was discovered. Geishas started using nightingale droppings on a regular basis both to remove make-up and heal their facial skin.

Japanese facial

Geisha facials have made their way to some of the most trendy spas and the whole youth craving world. For example, you can get the treatment at Shizuka spa in NYC and enjoy a pearly luster it will impart to your facial skin. These Japanese facials contain natural enzymes and guanine which work wonders with your skin. Geisha facial won’t magically remove all your wrinkles, but it will sure keep your skin glowing and polished.

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