Flawless foundation tips

May 5, 2013 0

Foundation’s real job is to even out your skin tone, cover minor flaws and give your skin uniformity. Remember that finding the perfect foundation for you is not about getting the product that will completely blank you out. If you don’t want your face to look like a mask in everyday life, follow the easy flawless foundation tips our experts have prepared for you below.

If you still see blemishes on your skin after applying your light-to-medium coverage foundation, you can always use your favorite concealer. You don’t need to pile thick layers of foundation on your face to achieve that flawless base. Just make the most of your concealer to hide all your blemishes, dark spots and under-eye dark circles. Learn more how to apply foundation to look flawless here.

flawless foundation tips

Some more foundation tips for the flawless look of your face:

  • if you want to buy the right foundation shade and texture, always look for your foundation in daylight
  • be a savvy shopper: ask for samples, bring your own mirror or, go out into daylight when testing your foundation in the store; if it’s possible, take your sample home to try it more thoroughly; if you can’t get a sample (or if you’re buying your foundation online), check what the return policy is
  • your foundation’s formulation is as important as color: avoid going against your skin type and buying, for example, foundation for combination to oily skin if you have dry skin
  • prepare your skin thoroughly before you apply foundation
  • don’t try to change the color of your face with your foundation: this is not what the best foundation for your skin is for; it’s never going to work unless you want to apply your foundation on every bit of exposed skin (your neck, your chest and your hands)
  • when you’re applying foundation, apply a little bit at a time (even if you’re going for the full coverage): thin layers last much longer and look much better
  • you can mix foundations to get the right shade for you: this is very handy when you’re going from winter into summer, and your skin is starting to change
foundation tips

Think about getting your foundation color as natural as possible. Don’t forget about getting the right foundation formulation for your skin type. Even if you see a foundation that looks amazing on your friend or on your colleague, it might not suit your skin type. Make up artists mix foundations all the time. So if you can mix the two foundations you have to create one that works best for you, do it.

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