Finding the perfect foundation

April 23, 2013 0

Choosing the best foundation for you is not only about finding the right shade. You should also take into account various types of foundation: their formulation, texture, desirable coverage and effect on your skin. We’ll start with the tips on how to shop for the perfect foundation successfully.

If you’re planning to purchase your foundation online (without knowing the right color or brand), chances are you won’t get a good match. Unless the store is going to send you a sample or allow you to return the foundation if it’s not the right type or shade for you. If it’s possible, avoid randomly choosing foundation online.

How to find the perfect foundation for you

When shopping for foundation, we recommend that you go to a department store or a drug store. Pick the shade and type of the foundation that you think will work best for you and try it on your skin. Trying the foundation and actually seeing how well it sits on your skin is very important before making a purchase.

how to find the perfect foundation

If you want to know how to find the perfect foundation for you, make sure you follow these easy steps:

  • use daylight when testing foundation, because lighting in store is never realistic
  • go outside and look in the mirror to get a better idea
  • if you’re in a hurry or you haven’t taken all of your makeup off properly, try and get a sample of the foundation you think works best for you

If you’re not 100% sure (which is quite understandable), getting a sample is the best way to find the perfect foundation for you. Even if the store doesn’t provide any ready-made samples, you can ask if they can give you a little pot with foundation to take away with you and try it at home.

If the store doesn’t provide any of those things, take your own clean pot with you and ask the manager if they can put a little bit of foundation for you in it. It is very important to try the foundation properly at home before buying it, otherwise you can hardly be absolutely sure it suits your skin.

How to find the perfect foundation shade (color)

Once you’re at home with your sample, you will need to make sure that the shade you’ve chosen looks good on you and the type of foundation suits your skin. To do it, try the foundation in context. If you’re aimed to buy foundation for everyday, then try it out in the morning. Experience it as it was yours.

how to find perfect foundation color

Apply the foundation from your sample with fingers, even if that’s not your usual way of applying foundation. Feel the texture of the foundation, see how you like it when it first goes onto your face. Then you can try it with your usual tools: sponges or foundation brushes.

Look at yourself in the mirror in daylight, paying attention to:

  • how the color looks
  • how natural the foundation looks
  • how your pores look
  • how well the foundation shade matches the color of your neck

Look at yourself in the mirror from all angles. Make sure you do it on a day when you have actually got time to do this. Think about how your foundation is going to wear. You should know that foundation changes so much from when it first goes on to even five or ten minutes later.

finding the perfect foundation

That’s why really try to notice how the color performs, how the foundation wears throughout the day, whether it lasts long enough or not. Test the foundation properly from application right to how long it stays on and how good it looks on you. Choosing the best foundation for your skin type is also very important.

Find the perfect foundation shade and texture by testing the product inside out. This way, when you go back to the store, you can be a 100% sure that you have fully tried that foundation and you know it works for you. You can find more tips on how to buy the right foundation color here.

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