Best foundation for combination to oily skin

April 23, 2013 0

Looking for the best foundation for your skin? Before making the final choice, make sure that it’s your right shade and the right texture for your skin type. In today’s post we’ll recommend you some of the best foundations for combination to oily skin. You can learn how to buy the right foundation color in one of our previous posts.

For the foundation to match your skin type it is very important to choose the right formulation and texture for you. You want your foundation to make your facial skin look as naturally flawless as possible. To help you achieve this effect, we’ve narrowed down the Top 6 best foundations for combination to oily skin. With the selection below you can find the perfect foundation for you.

foundation for combination to oily skin

Estée LauderDouble Wear Light Foundation

  • light and natural coverage
  • SPF 10 (photographs well without flashbacks)
  • mat, but very natural-looking finish

This foundation is good for everyday use for somebody with combination to oily skin. It doesn’t contain any oil or pore-clogging ingredients. If your skin is very oily, you will need to add some powder to this foundation during the day. The only difficulty with this product is the lack of shades: there are only six of them available.

best foundation for combination to oily skin

ClarinsEver Matte

  • natural coverage (buildable to medium)
  • long-lasting
  • SPF 10 (photographs well without flashbacks)
  • very light finish
  • contains anti-pollution ingredients

This foundation is more for mature combination skin, as it contains some anti-dehydration ingredients. You will like it if you don’t want a lot of coverage. It has a very light and breathable finish. It creates a beautiful mat veil over the skin and corrects minor imperfections. It’s a great foundation for everyday use in the city, because it protects your skin well.

What foundation is good for oily skin?

If you have very oily facial skin, the first thing you need to know is that there is no foundation in the world that’s going to completely block any oil from coming through. What the best foundations for oily skin mentioned in this post do is they slow down the process of oil production. They contain oil-absorbing ingredients which hold off the oil for as long as possible.

Remember that anything that completely blocks your skin is not good for you. If you’ve got very oily skin, and the foundation (for very oily skin) that you use stops blocking oil from coming through after 4 hours, you will have to blot and touch up using your powder during the day. What you should be aiming for is finding a good foundation for oily skin that holds the oil off as long as possible.

If you are looking for a good foundation for oily skin, you’ve come to the right place. The next foundations are good for oily and blemished, very oily skin.

good foundation for oily skin

CliniqueAnti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup

  • medium to full coverage
  • nice mat finish
  • not recommended for combination skin: try it only if you’re really oily-skinned

This foundation is good for sensitive skin and oily skin with blemishes. It contains an exfoliating ingredient (salicylic acid) which helps to clear the pores. Some people may find salicylic acid too drying on the less oily parts of their facial skin. That’s why we don’t recommend using Clinique’s Anti-Blemish Liquid Makeup if you have combination skin.

what foundation is good for oily skin

No7Beautifully Matte

  • medium to full coverage
  • hypoallergenic
  • silky mat finish
  • covers your blemishes and prevents new ones from forming
  • not recommended for combination skin: try it only if you’re really oily-skinned

This foundation can suit you if you’re prone to allergies or any sensitivity as well as being oily and having blemishes. It also contains salicylic acid which is very good for clearing out the pores. Again, if you are combination skin, salicylic acid can dry the less oily parts of your face. But if you are oily and blemished all over, No7’s Beautifully Matte can be the great choice for you.

which foundation is good for oily skin

Make Up For EverMat Velvet Foundation

  • medium to full coverage
  • very long-lasting
  • water-resistant

This foundation is very good for summer or if you’re heading somewhere where it’s going to be very hot. It dries and sets on the skin very well. It doesn’t contain any salicylic acid, so it won’t dry your skin out too much. Make Up Forever’s Mat Velvet foundation is great for a very young, oily and acne-prone skin.

foundation for combination skin

RevlonColorstay Foundation – Oily to Combination

  • medium to full coverage
  • good smoothing effect for blemished skin
  • nice mat finish
  • SPF 6 (photographs well without flashbacks)
  • very good for young girls with oily skin and acne

Make sure you choose Oily to Combination formulation of this foundation. Try adding a little bit at a time and really blending it in. Once it sets, this foundation is going to be very long-lasting. It has a nice mat finish which doesn’t look chalky. Bear in mind that this foundation is not easy to remove, so make sure you’re aware of some of the best ways to remove makeup that can work great for you.

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