Best cure for dry chapped lips

August 2, 2012 1

Dry lips is not an incurable disease. But it’s a nasty skin problem that bothers us beauty junkies and requires effective treatment. The worst thing about dry chopped lips is that they not only look lame, they are also painful sometimes. What is the best cure for dry lips? Prevention of course! We’ll talk about prevention later in this article as well but first we’ll discuss the cure for lips when they’re already dry.

best cure for dry chapped lips

So what steps should we take towards curing dry lips? One of the secrets takes little of your time and implies the following stages:

  • dip a clean cloth in a bowl of warm water
  • hold the cloth against the dried lips till it cools
  • repeat the ritual 3 times in a row
  • wring out the water in the cloth and remove the dried skin off your lips by rubbing the cloth against them
  • smooth horizontal motions will make your lips look and feel shiny and new again

After that you’ll need to apply moisturizing balm on your lips in order to keep them in this soft and nice condition as long as possible. Your balm should contain cocoa butter or bees wax: these ingredients are vital when it’s about preventing your lips from further winter drying. In case you don’t trust home remedies for dried lips, you might need a great tip on how to cure dry lips from an expert before we switch to the best chopped lips cure – prevention.

Another great tip to cure dry lips

Professional make-up artist Daniel Sandler gave us a smart piece of advice. He said: ‘Exfoliate your dry lips. Wash them with a granular cosmetic product to remove the dead and dried skin’s surface. Then apply your magic lip balm and take a good care of your lips in future.’ Try not to exfoliate your lip skin too often: this procedure can be too harsh if carried out on a regular basis. Lips scrub can be used as an effective and less aggressive cure for dry lips instead.

how to cure dry cracked lips

It’s preferable that you exfoliate your poor chapped lips before going to bed. This will prevent the balm from coming off too quickly. If you feel that your balm doesn’t help much, you can apply your facial moisturizing mask on your lips after using the scrub. It will give your lip skin perfect hydration. Keeping your lips moisturized is the secret to preventing dry lips. And now it’s time to touch upon the dried, chapped lips prevention.

How to prevent chapped lips

Not enough water in your body? Your lips will get dry for sure. That’s why you should always keep the body hydrate and drink enough water (about 8 glasses daily). Some meds’ side effects can lead to cracked lips as well, so make sure you read all the information regarding this or that medication you’re taking. What’s more, cold winter air greatly contributes to chapping your lips, so try to use your lip balm or petroleum jelly regularly especially in winter.

preventing chapped lips

Some more tips for preventing chapped lips:

  • follow a well-balanced diet that contains vitamins
  • don’t lick your lips, especially when outside
  • avoid using lipstick/lip gloss on a regular basis
  • don’t go in the sun without wearing sunscreen on your lips

Winter cold, pills’ side effects, lack of water or vitamins, summer sun and other issues may cause dry lips. Be aware of it and try to avoid these risk factors. Being busy is not an excuse for letting your chapped lips ‘hang out’ like something that’s not exactly yours. Now that you’re equipped with knowledge you can start caring for your lips. Don’t forget that your charm can make wonders with gents if you’re armed with luscious lips and that soft moist smile.

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  1. bestofthebest March 26, 2013 at 6:37 am -

    Drinking lots of water is 100% true here. Not enough water and your lips will dry easily.