5 wedding style don’ts to avoid

July 1, 2013 0

You want a gorgeous wedding, we know you do. We also know you want to look beautiful on your wedding day. But you should also realize that feeling any discomfort due to wardrobe malfunctions or makeup mistakes on that special day will make you regret your style choices. If you want your style, hair and makeup to be perfect on the day you tie the knot, wedding don’ts below are for you to avoid.

Here, 5 wedding style don’ts that have made a lot of women cringe at the thought of some time after their wedding.

1. Hair in your face: if you want to wear your hair down on your wedding day, be very careful. Long loose waves are in, but make sure you keep away your hair from your face… or you may hate your wedding pictures. The best choice is to look up to Kate Middleton if you want your wedding hair to look gorgeous, modern and elegant. Make sure you avoid the knotted hairstyle Britney Spears opted for on her big day with Kevin Federline.

wedding don’ts

Don’t…                               Do…

2. Very white, shiny or sweaty dress: if you opt for a gorgeous (but very heavy) wedding dress with a long train and lots of beads, consider a pre-reception dress change. If you don’t, you may find yourself unable to dance and even move comfortably on your wedding day. Beautiful layers of lace and tulle will feel scratchy at the reception, while lovely beads will rub your arms. That’s why it’s advisable that you switch into a short cocktail dress for the reception. One more thing: if you want your wedding dress to photograph well, avoid opting for the one that’s very white and shiny.

wedding style don’ts

3. Uncomfortable shoes: no matter how amazing they look, they can ruin your big day. Remember that comfort is as important as style when it comes to choosing bridal shoes. If you feel that the shoes you’re trying on at a store make it hard for you to walk in a graceful manner, avoid this pair and consider something else. If you’re going to wear a long wedding dress, nobody will see whether you’re wearing gorgeous heels or sweet ballet flats.

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4. Trendy makeup: opt for a classical wedding look, this tip comes from a lot of successful makeup artists. We’re sure you love trendy makeup looks like this one. But you want to be able to look at your wedding pictures ten, twenty, thirty years after the wedding and realize that your look is beautiful in a timeless, classy way. Make sure it’s something that suits you, and that you have managed to choose the best foundation for your skin type and tone. Avoid putting too much makeup on, because you want to look natural on your wedding day. Read more on how to do your wedding makeup here.

wedding beauty don’ts

5. Colorful nails: it’s best to stick with classics in your wedding manicure choice, according to experts in this field. Opt for naturally shaped, short nails. And never have color on your hands. If you want to flaunt your wild side, put some color on your toenails. Make sure that the color is not too bright, either – a beautiful deep pink or gorgeous red.

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